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$ 3.99 USD
per full user/month billed annually
(or $4.99 if billed monthly)

+ $ 0.79 USD
per kiosk user/month billed annually
(or $0.99 if billed monthly)



Timesheeting & Billing

$ 5.49 USD
per full user/month billed annually
(or $6.99 if billed monthly)

+ $ 1.19 USD
per kiosk user/month billed annually
(or $1.49 if billed monthly)


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Profit & Productivity

$ 7.99 USD
per full user/month billed annually
(or $9.99 if billed monthly)

+ $ 1.59 USD
per kiosk user/month billed annually
(or $1.99 if billed monthly)


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Control & Security

$ 11.99 USD
per full user/month billed annually
(or $14.99 if billed monthly)

+ $ 2.39 USD
per kiosk user/month billed annually
(or $2.99 if billed monthly)


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Pricing for users who clock in/out from a single kiosk device starts from $0.99 USD per month. BASIC:  $0.99 per kiosk user/month
STANDARD:  $1.49 per kiosk user/month
PRO:  $1.99 per kiosk user/month
ENTERPRISE:  $2.99 per kiosk user/month

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Unlimited tracking
Track as much time as you want, without any limits.
Time tracker
Start and stop timer as you work, or enter hours manually.
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Log your weekly activities across tasks and projects in a timesheet.
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Set up a shared time clock device from which employees can clock in and out.
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Auto tracker
Track apps and websites you use and create timesheets based on the activities (only you can see the auto tracked data).
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Visualize your tracked time and edit them in Calendar view.
Learn more
Track time using a mobile app, desktop app, and browser extension.
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Pomodoro timer
Work in regular time intervals, followed by breaks.
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Idle detection & reminders
Get reminded when you forget to start or stop the timer.
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Tracking integrations
See events from Outlook & Google Calendar and track time inside other web apps (Asana, Trello, Jira, Clickup, Salesforce, and 80+).
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Import time
Upload a file with time entries to Clockify.
Learn more
Allow employees to track time they spend on breaks.
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Required fields
Don't allow saving time with missing fields and information.
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Add time for others
Edit your team's timesheet and calendar, and log time on their behalf.
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Time off
Track time off, holidays, and available days.
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Targets & reminders
Automatic emails when someone forgets to log time or tracks too much.
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Lock timesheets
Prevent users from changing their past timesheets.
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Custom fields
Add additional information to time entries.
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Force timer
Prevent users from entering time manually or changing start/end time.
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GPS tracking
Track your team's location and visited client sites while on the clock (optional).
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Take computer screenshots every 5 minutes while on the clock (optional).
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Team activity
See where your team spends time and what they're currently working on.
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See who worked on what, how much money you earn, and review your team's time.
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Export & share
Export reports (PDF, CSV, Excel) and share live links with others.
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Billable rates
Enter hourly rates for users and projects, and see how much you earn.
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Project status
See how much time is tracked on projects and tasks.
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Project export
Export project data (CSV, Excel).
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API & Webhooks
Push and pull data to and from Clockify, and connect with your systems.
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Decimal format
See, enter, and export time in decimal format.
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Time audit
Find entries without project and task, and with suspicious duration (too short or too long).
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Customize exports
Choose what you wish to see in your exports (name, logo, columns, information).
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Historical rates
Apply new hourly rates to past time entries.
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Round time up, down, or to nearest X minutes.
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Attendance & overtime
See employees' daily start/end time, breaks, overtime, and time off in one report.
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QuickBooks integration
Sync users and project, and send time to QuickBooks.
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Task rates
Enter a specific hourly rate on tasks.
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Labor cost & profit
Compare what you pay your team vs what you charge your clients.
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Budget & estimates
Set time or money budget on projects and track progress.
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Multiple currencies
Set custom currencies for each client.
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Visualize project progress and see if it'll go over the schedule.
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Get notified when a project reaches its allocated budget or estimate.
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User fields
Add custom information to employees (eg. employee ID) and export along with their time entries.
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Assignment report
Compare scheduled vs actual work hours across projects, users, and dates.
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Expense report
See all expenses in one place, edit them, download receipts, and export data.
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Email reports
Receive a custom report via email each day, week, or month.
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Unlimited users
Invite your whole team to track time.
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Unlimited projects
Organize time by project, client, task, and tag.
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Import projects
Import projects, clients, tasks, and tags from a file.
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Project access
Control who can track time on what projects and tasks.
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Use Clockify in your native language (Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Português, 日本, 한국어).
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Team chat
Communicate with your team and share files via direct messages and channels.
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Hide time & pages
Prevent users from seeing projects, reports, and other members and their time entries.
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Bulk edit
Update multiple time entries, projects, and users at once.
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Project templates
Create new projects with the same structure from existing ones.
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Edit profiles
Edit your team's information (name, photo, and other).
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Kiosk PIN
Allow employees to log into kiosk with their PIN code.
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Customize kiosk
Put your company's logo on the kiosk and choose how long the kiosk is opened when launched.
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Create invoices from tracked time and expenses.
Learn more
Submit timesheets for manager review and approval.
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Manager role
Give manager rights to users so they can manage projects and approve timesheets.
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Force 2FA
Require everyone to have two-factor authentication enabled for better security.
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Plan projects on a timeline, see who's available, manage resources, and give assignments.
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Record fixed fees on projects and attach receipts.
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Data region
Choose in which country you wish to host data.
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Single sign-on (SSO)
Eliminate user-managed passwords and improve security by using your company's authentication system (SAML, Office 365, Okta, Google, etc.).
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Custom subdomain
Move workspace to custom subdomain, prevent people from having multiple workspaces, and let new users join your workspace automatically.
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Control accounts
Manage and edit accounts of your users by logging in as them.
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Audit log
Record all changes and have a record of who did what and when.
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Frequently asked questions

You can track as much time and invite as many users as you want, and use Clockify for free as long as you want. We also offer support to everyone, regardless of their plan. If you need additional features, you can upgrade at any time.

Absolutely! You can try out all PRO features for free for 7 days, no credit card required. You can activate the free trial on the Upgrade page. If you need more time, be sure to contact our sales team for an extension and a demo.

Each active and invited user on a paid plan requires a paid seat. If you deactivate some user, you free up their paid seat so you can invite a new user. If you buy another seat mid-cycle, you'll be charged a prorated price for that billing cycle.

It depends on your company's country of origin. All the prices are displayed without taxes, and if we are legally required to collect VAT from your country, then that tax will be added on top of the final price, which you will see at checkout before making a payment.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in just a couple of clicks on the Upgrade page. Once you cancel and the current subscription expires, you will be downgraded to the free version and no further charges will be made. You won't lose any data (canceling only affects access to the extra features).

We support payments by credit card for all plans. We support wire transfers and purchase orders for ENTERPRISE plan (annual billing, over 50 seats).

We don't offer refunds. But, if you were mistakenly charged due to system error, contact us and we'll immediately issue you a refund. If you wish to test extra features, we recommend activating the free 7-day trial first, BEFORE making any payment.

We offer 20% OFF on all our plans when paying annually. Other than that, we don't offer any further discounts. We keep all our prices affordable so everyone gets the best possible deal, no negotiation necessary.

If you use the kiosk mode, you can add employees by name as limited users. When upgrading, you pay a separate price for them. Limited users can only track time via kiosk. To use mobile app, you need to add their email and convert them to full users.

You prepay a seat for the whole year in advance and get 20% OFF. If you add another seat midway, you pay a prorated price for the rest of the year. If you need someone for just a brief period, you can deactivate them later to free up their paid seat for someone else.