Track project progress and budget status.

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Clockify Progress tracking feature
Progress on projects and tasks


Categorize time by client, project, and task.

Project status tracking bar


Track project’s progress as people track time.

Time estimate for a project

Time estimate

Estimate how long a project or task will take.

Budget estimate for a project

Budget estimate

Set a fixed budget and track spend against it.

Project alerts


Get notified before you spend the budget.

Project notes


Keep project related info in one place.

Forecasting the progress based on estimates, tracked hours, and schedules

Project Access

  • Public
    Allow everyone to track time on the project.
  • Private
    Choose who can track time on the project.
Private and public project access
Assigning users or groups to tasks

Task Assignee

Only assignees can track time on their tasks.


Control who can create new projects and tasks.

Permissions to create projects and tasks
Project manager role

Project Manager

Allow certain people to manage their projects and see all time tracked on them.

Archive & Complete

Archive finished projects and mark tasks as completed so people don’t track time on them.

Archiving projects and tasks
Project template


Quickly create new projects with the same structure as existing ones.

Project export

Export projects with all their data or customize what you want to see.

Export projects and customize data
Clockify integrations


Keep all to-dos and updates in one place.

Plaky boards and templates
Plaky task organization


Set up flexible task structure.


Assign people to tasks and get updates.

Plaky assignees, comments, and mentions
Plaky progress tracking and filters


See what you need using different views.


Track time on tasks and projects.

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Plaky time tracking


Get a time breakdown by project and period.


Predict project completion based on current progress.


Record project-related fees and include them in the budget.


Share and export reports with billable time and amounts.

Profit analysis

Compare what you pay your team vs what you charge clients.


Invoice billable time on projects and send them to clients.