Set hourly rates and calculate earnings, costs, and profit.

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Clockify Rates feature
Marking time entries and tasks as billable

Mark as billable

Choose what time entries are billable.

Detailed report showing profits

Billable rates

Apply billable rates to billable time entries to see what you bill your clients.

Setting up team's billable and cost rates

Cost rates

Apply cost rates to all time entries to see what you pay your team.

Applying new billable rate to past, present, or future time entries

Historic rates

Preserve old rates and apply a new rate only to new entries going forward.

Setting different currency

Multiple currencies

Set your currency and export reports.

Calculated earnings, costs, and profit


Compare earnings vs labor costs.

Billable by default

Control which projects and tasks are billable.

Setting up projects as billable by default
Permissions on who can see or edit billable status


Control who can see rates and change status.


See billable vs non-billable time across dates.

Dashboard chart showing percentage and amount of billable and non-billable entries

1. Workspace rate

Default rate for all time entries.

Workspace billable rate

2. Member rate

Specific rate for each user.

Member billable rate

3. Project rate

Specific rate for each project.

Project billable rate

4. Task rate

Specific rate for each task on a project.

Task billable rate

5. Project’s member rate

Specific rate for a person on a particular project.

Project's member billable rate

Cost tracking

Understand how many hours go into each job and calculate labor costs.


Quickly create invoices from tracked time.

QuickBooks integration

Get timesheet report and send it to QuickBooks for further processing.


Submit, review and approve timesheets on tracked activities.


Schedule work, assignments and tasks across teams.


Choose what activities are billable and which are non-billable.