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All-in-one goal tracking app. Track time you spend on your goals, track goal progress, and beat procrastination for good.

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Why track goals in Clockify

Clockify is a FREE time and goal tracking app that can be used for tracking personal or business goals. Ideal for those who want to track their goal progression in greater detail.

Benefits of tracking goals in Clockify

All-in-one goal tracker app Clockify offers its users:

  • Unlimited number of goals
  • Progress tracking
  • Setting estimates
  • Extensive reporting
  • A plethora of to-do list templates
  • Setting deadlines

How to track goals in Clockify

Follow these simple steps to stay on top of your goals using Clockify:

Step 1

Create Clockify account

To start tracking your goal progress in Clockify, the first thing you need to do is create an account.

Sign up here for free

Step 2

Download Clockify goal tracker

Clockify is an online app that works across devices.

Track your goals from anywhere — all data is synced online.

Time tracker available for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux
Step 3

Track time on your goals

First, set your goal as a project and break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Next, start tracking how much time goes into finishing each task. Clockify will then track progress on each task separately.

In Clockify, you can track time on your goals in the:

  • Timer mode — by using a timer
  • Manual mode — by logging time manually
  • Timesheet view — by logging time in a timesheet

You can create an UNLIMITED number of projects in Clockify and track as many goals or tasks as you want.

goal tracking app - start timer
Step 4

Set estimates

Set estimates for activities so you can later compare tracked vs estimated goal time. You can estimate the length of a goal, and then monitor progress to see how well you and your team perform.

In the Status tab in Clockify, you are able to get more details about goal progress.

You get insight into:

  • Total tracked time
  • Earnings
  • Time breakdown for each task

Track goal progress using estimates

goal tracking app - enter details
Step 5

See and export reports

In Clockify, you can filter data by project, task, or tag and see how your goals change from week to week. This helps you keep track of where you are with your goals and where your time goes.

Export data reports as: PDF, CSV, Excel.

Download PDF samples: SummaryDetailedWeekly

PDF time exports

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