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The most popular time and billing software for teams. Track billable hours for FREE, calculate client profitability, and issue invoices based on billable time.

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Project billing software

Clockify is a time and billing software that lets you:

  • Track billable hours
  • Separates billable from non-billable hours
  • Generate billing report for provided services
  • Record business related expenses
  • Create invoices

How Clockify tracking time and billing works

Step 1

Create account

Sign up for free

Step 2

Set up projects

Create projects, categorize them by clients, and create tasks on each.

Set up projects for time and billing
Step 3

Set hourly rates

You can set a different hourly rate for each employee, project, and task, and choose what's billable and what's non-billable. You can also set labor cost rates to track profit.

How to track project profitability

Set up hourly rates for time and billing
Step 4

Track time

In Clockify, you and your team can track billable time using a timer or by logging time in a timesheet.

Billable hours calculator time tracking apps
Step 5

See time and billing in reports

You can run an online report to see and export summarized time and billing data.

Download PDF samples: SummaryDetailedWeekly

PDF time export of billing hours
Step 6

Set budget and track progress

Set estimates in time or money for your client projects, track their billing progress, and get alerts when you're close or over budget. Use forecasting to visualize and predict performance.

Project budget based on billable time and task hours
Step 7

Record expenses

Log business related expenses, by amount or by unit. Later you can include them in project budget and invoices.

Expense tracking
Step 8

Create invoices

Issue invoices based on your billable hours in just a few clicks.

Download invoice sample

Invoice based on billable hours
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