Project forecasting software

Plan ahead with a clear vision in mind. Visualize where your project is heading, reorganize tasks and stay within budgets and deadlines.

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How to set up a forecasting tool

Create projects with time and budget estimates, track time and expenses, and see how much time or budget has left.

Create project

Create a new project and define its tasks.

Set up projects for agency time tracking

Set time and budget estimates

Track progress in real-time by setting the time and budget estimates for the whole project or each task you are working on.

Set up estimates to track progress

Track time on the project

Use timer, timesheet, auto tracker or time clock mode to track time on your work. Mark tracked time as billable and record expenses to monitor budget spending.

Project time tracker screenshot

Visualize progress

Visualize how close you are to estimate based on the tracked time. Hover over a chart to see the remaining time for a particular day.

Forecasting based on tracked hours

Project forecasting software

Schedule project assignments, let team members track work on it, and predict future performance based on the current data and future tasks.

Step 1

Schedule & publish future tasks

Schedule tasks on projects and publish schedules for team members to see it.

Schedule time on projects
Step 2

Track progress

See how close you are to the estimate based on the tracked and scheduled hours.

Forecasting chart with scheduled hours
Step 3

Get alerts

If your team tracks more hours than assigned, the forecasted line will go over the estimate and turn red, as a clear sign to adjust your schedule or change estimates.

Forecasting chart going above the estimate

Control project estimates with forecasting tool

Set up alerts

Get alerts whenever a project reaches a certain percentage of an estimate. Notify all or certain team members.

Set project alerts to not go over the estimates

Set targets

Get notified when someone tracks too much or too little time on a daily/weekly or monthly basis.

Set time tracking targets for your team

Analyze performance

See the difference between the scheduled hours and the actual tracked hours for each user, and monitor performance.

See scheduled and tracked hours for each user

Schedule reports

Make sure your team stays aware of progress and schedule reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Schedule auto-reports
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One tool to manage projects from start to finish

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