Force timer

Disable manual mode in Workspace Settings so users can’t add time manually.

Force timer is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to Pro or Enterprise plan.

You can enable “Force timer” at the bottom of the Permissions tab in Workspace Settings.

While Force timer is enabled, users:

  • CAN create new entries using only timer (manual mode is disabled)
  • CAN add time entries via the Auto Tracker
  • CAN delete existing entries (unless locked or approved)
  • CAN change entry’s description, project/task, tag, and billable status (unless locked or approved)
  • CAN’T change start time of a running timer
  • CAN’T change start/end time and duration of an existing time entry
  • CAN’T duplicate an entry

Restriction applies to all users, including Admins. Admins can’t add time manually through the Time Tracker, but they can add time for others (including themselves) via the Detailed report.

Team managers can add/edit time for their team members if enabled in Settings.