Required fields

You can prevent users from adding incomplete time entries with required fields. This will ensure that all time entries have a mandatory minimum amount of information assigned to them, so your reports are organized and accurate at all times.

Required fields is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to any of the paid plans.

How to enable required fields #

On the Workspace Settings page, administrators can define which fields on a time entry are mandatory before the time entry can be created.

You can make these fields mandatory:

  • Project
  • Task
  • Tag
  • Description

When the task is a required field, projects that don’t have tasks don’t show up in the project picker.

How it works #

For example, if you check project and tags as required:

  • No one can add a time entry without a project and tag (not even admins)
  • The timer can be started but can’t be stopped until you add a project and tag
  • Timesheet won’t let you add time without selecting a tag