Manager role

There are two types of managers in Clockify:

  • Project manager: can view all tracked time on their projects, and edit everything on their projects (e.g. set estimates, add tasks, manage project access, etc)
  • Team manager: can view all tracked time of their team members and groups, edit their team’s time (if enabled), and approve their submitted timesheets

Hide page feature affects managers also. Managers can always see Reports, plus project manager can see Projects page.

Team manager role is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

Giving manager rights #

To make someone a manager:

  1. Go to Team page
  2. Click on +Role next to the user you wish to make a manager
  3. Check whether you wish them to manage projects or team members
  4. Select which projects/members they should manage
  5. Click Save

It’s also possible to give someone Project Manager role on the projects page when you click on the Access tab of a project.

Team managers receive email notifications when their members submit timesheet for approval, request time off, track too much time, etc.

If you have Admin role and wish to receive email notifications for certain members, you need to assign yourself team manager role for those users (so you have admin and team manager role).

Team managers can also edit their team member’s time entries if you enable it workspace settings (Permissions tab > Who can edit time for others: Admins and team managers).

You can also assign groups to a team manager. This makes administration easier as you can simply assign team manager a group, and when a new person joins Clockify, all you have to do is add them to the group and the manager will automatically get manager rights for them.