Import data from Toggl to Clockify

Transfer projects, clients, tasks, tags, and time entries from Toggl to Clockify.

Toggl to Clockify importer

Importing data from Toggl into Clockify

Step 1

Export Toggl's Detailed report (CSV)

Open Detailed report in Toggl, select desired date range, filter data if needed, and export as CSV.

Export Toggl CSV report
Step 2

Open Import tab in Clockify

Go to Clockify web app, click Settings in the sidebar, and go to Import tab.

Step 3

Upload CSV file

Click "Upload CSV file", and select the file you've exported from Toggl.

Step 4

Review and import

The importer will analyze what projects, clients, tags, and tasks it needs to create.

Note: To import time entries, you need a paid subscription (you can also activate free trial). Also, to import your team's time entries, you'll first need to invite them to your Clockify workspace.

Upload CSV in Clockify

Other importers from Toggl to Clockify

There are several free importers that can transfer time entries from Toggl to Clockify, which you can use if you have some technical skills:

Note: These tools are not developed by Clockify. Use at your own discretion and report issues on the respective Github page.