QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

Track time using timer or timesheet with your team, and send time to QuickBooks for billing and accounting.

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Why track time with Clockify

Clockify is the most popular time tracker and timesheet on the web that integrates with QuickBooks.

  • Invite team, and set up projects and hourly rates
  • Track time on projects and transfer data to QuickBooks
  • Make billing simpler and more accurate

How to track and send time to QuickBooks

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up for free

Step 2

Invite team

Add team members to your Clockify account so they can track time and fill timesheets.

Invite team to track time
Step 3

Connect QuickBooks

Go to Settings > Integrations, connect your QuickBooks Online account, and allow Clockify to send time.

QuickBooks integration is a paid feature, which you can test out by activating free trial.

QuickBooks integration currently can't work if you have payroll enabled in QuickBooks.

Connect to QuickBooks and authorize access
Step 4

Sync users and customers

Map out users and customers, and create what's missing with one click.

  • Map and sync existing users between Clockify and QuickBooks
  • Create missing user in QuickBooks based on Clockify users
  • Create missing project in Clockify based on QuickBooks customers

If you use parent/subscustomer hierarchy, QuickBooks parent will become Clockify client and QuickBooks subscustomer will become Clockify project.

Sync users and customers between Clockify and QuickBooks
Step 5

Set rates

Set hourly rates for each employee, project, or task, and choose what's billable and what's non-billable.

Set up hourly rates for employees and project for time billing
Step 6

Fill timesheets

You and your team can track time using a timer, or manually log your hours in a timesheet (via web, mobile, or desktop app).

Timesheet system for accountants
Step 7

Send time to QuickBooks

Run Detailed report, filter what you wish to send to QuickBooks, review data, round time (if needed), and send time with one click.

Go to Detailed report to send time to QuickBooks

More information

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