Pumble Team Chat Integration

Chat with your team directly inside Clockify using Pumble, our work messaging platform. Unlimited users and messages, free forever.

Chat with your team directly in Clockify

How to chat with teammates in Clockify

Step 1

Enable team chat

You can enable team chat in Clockify > Workspace Settings > Integrations tab > Pumble > Connect to Pumble

Step 2

Allow access

Pumble will take users from your Clockify account (name, email, photo) and create a free Pumble workspace where you can chat.

if you already have a Pumble account with the same email as in Clockify, you can connect your existing workspace.

Step 3

Open chat

See all your teammates and channels in one place.

Pumble team chat - list of channels and DMs
Step 4

Send message

Send a direct message to anyone, or send a message to a whole group via channel.

Pumble team chat - direct message
Step 5

Get notifications

You'll get a notification when someone mentions you in a channel or sends you a message.

Pumble team chat - notification
Step 6

Files and reactions

Attach and send files, share links, and react to messages with emojis.

Pumble team chat - files and reactions
Step 7

Use threads

Respond to a message to spin off discussion into a thread.

Pumble team chat - threads
Step 8

Install app

Pumble team chat - notification
Step 9

Open web app for more

In the web version you can create public and private channels, send group messages, manage users, invite guests, edit profile, find files and messages, and more.

Pumble team chat - notification

About Pumble

Pumble is our own completely free messaging platform that lets you communicate with your co-workers more efficiently.

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