110+ Best freelance websites to find work in 2023

Finding freelance jobs from home is often difficult — and that’s not because you don’t have plenty of options. The Internet features tons of websites where you can find freelance work and learning opportunities. 

What’s more, your options are vast regardless of the work you do. Whether you’re a developer, designer, writer, translator, tutor, photographer, beginner or experienced freelancer, the Internet is surely your oyster.

With that in line, here’s a detailed overview of the best freelance websites.

Disclaimer: The number of data we list in each data box varies monthly for each website. We gathered the latest data in January 2023.

Freelance websites - cover

General freelance websites

Let’s start with general online marketplaces where freelancers can hang out and make money. 

No matter whether you’re a developer, designer, marketer, virtual assistant, photographer, versed in furniture assembly, or involved in any other freelance business, you’re likely to find something that interests you. 

The positions we’re about to cover include freelance jobs from home but also some on-location work.

PeoplePerHour • Upwork • The Muse • FlexJobs • Working Nomads • SolidGigs • Nexxt • SkipTheDrive • Toptal • Remotive • Twine • Linkedin Jobs • Wellfound • Virtual Vocations • Guru • Monster • Dice • Indeed • ZipRecruiter • Krop • CareerBuilder • SimplyHired • Freelance Directory • Freelancer • ServiceScape • Cultjobs • Craigslist • Reddit • Europe Language Jobs • Jooble • Hubstaff Talent • JustRemote


Global rank: 29,628 • Category rank: 16

Total visits per month: 1.8M • Most users from: Pakistan, United Kingdom, India

Number of available jobs: 1,569

PeoplePerHour is a free-to-join community of freelancers where you can advertise your skills and expertise. This platform gives you the option to set your pricing per project or by the hour.

How does PeoplePerHour work?

This is how the process works — clients post jobs. If the job fits your profile, you get matched with the client and prompted to set a quote for your work. 

Alternatively, you can also offer your skills for a fixed price and let clients pick you directly.

Once you get hired and receive payment for a project, you pay a service fee to the website (excluding VAT). The fee amount depends on the earnings you’ve made. Here’s an overview:

  • >$350 — service fee is 20%,
  • >$350-6,000 — service fee is 7.5%, and
  • $6,000 or more — service fee is 3.5%.

Job categories include: 

  • Design, 
  • Marketing, 
  • Social media, 
  • Software development, 
  • Translation, 
  • Web development, 
  • Writing, and more.

PeoplePerHour Pros

  • Secure payments made on the website

PeoplePerHour Cons

  • Only 15 free proposal credits per month


Global rank: 864 • Category rank: 26

Total visits per month: 43.9M • Most users from: United States, India, Philippines

Number of available jobs: 74,000+

Upwork (formerly oDesk and Elance) has a large pool of clients. However, with a great number of clients comes massive competition. In other words, you need to outbid and outshine many other freelancers to get the job.

How does Upwork work?

Here’s what you need to do to get a job on Upwork — you fill out your profile, set your hourly rate, and wait for clients to contact you. Or, you browse the job list, bid for jobs you like, and wait to get hired.

The platform requires you to pay a percentage of your earnings per project:

  • $0-500 earned — the service fee is 20%, 
  • $500.01-10,000 earned — the service fee is 10%, and 
  • $10,000.01 or more earned — the service fee is 5%.

The work pool on Upwork includes web development, mobile development, writing, customer service, marketing, accounting, etc. In other words: pretty much anything you can think of. 

Upwork Pros

  • Easy access to a huge number of potential jobs 

Upwork Cons

  • Job postings might not always be detailed enough 

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The Muse

Global rank: 22,330 • Category rank: 93

Total visits per month: 4.2M • Most users from: United States, India, Canada

Number of available jobs: 10,000+

The Muse offers a great work-at-home section where you can browse remote/flexible jobs or assignments tied to a particular location.

How does The Muse work?

You can scan the list of jobs by the following preferences:

  • Job level (internship, entry, mid, senior), 
  • Company size (small, medium, large), 
  • Job keyword, 
  • Title, 
  • Career, and 
  • Location. 

Once you see a job posting you like, you can: 

  • Save it, 
  • Read the job’s detailed requirements and benefits, and 
  • Apply directly.

Jobs you can find are various, including: 

  • Admin, 
  • Design, 
  • Development, 
  • Writing, 
  • Customer support, and 
  • Accounting positions, among others.

The Muse Pros

  • Comprehensive company profiles

The Muse Cons

  • Many jobs marked as remote aren’t always 100% remote


Global rank: 19,599 • Category rank: 61

Total visits per month: 3.3M • Most users from: United States, India, Canada

Number of available jobs: 23,426

FlexJobs offers remote, part-time, and freelance jobs in over 50 categories. Interestingly, the platform’s admins handpick the jobs. As a result, the gigs you find here are as legit as they get.

How does FlexJobs work?

You can circumvent the platform’s restrictive job board for free members with a subscription fee north of $9 per week. Simply put, a paid job-seeker gets:

  • Expert job search resources, tips, and offers,
  • A personalized portfolio to upload resumes and work samples,
  • Email alerts for new jobs,
  • Skills testing, and more.

The skills test allows you to provide proof to potential clients of your expertise in a subject. In turn, this lets you present yourself in the best possible way.

Besides the usual job categories (software development, graphic design, writing, tutoring, administration), you’ll also find some rarer positions, such as bilingual customer support. For example, jobs for Fukienese, Yiddish, Luganda, and Chuukese interpreters are also available. 

Finally, you’ll even find environmental and green job positions, such as water treatment sales consultant, major gifts officer, and others.

FlexJobs Pros

  • Legitimate job opportunities

FlexJobs Cons

  • A subscription can be expensive for freelancers

Working Nomads

Global rank: 124,459 • Category rank: 1,065

Total visits per month: 412.2K • Most users from: United States, India, Brazil

Number of available jobs: 32,563

Working Nomads is another free job platform where you can browse through a list of the most recent remote jobs. 

How does Working Nomads work?

All jobs are tagged by category and type. What’s more, you can browse them by specific keywords and skill sets.

You can also set up job alerts for specific job categories. This option allows you to receive email notifications either daily or weekly.

Job categories available include: 

  • Development, 
  • Management, 
  • System administration, 
  • Design, 
  • Sales, 
  • Consulting, 
  • HR, 
  • Education, 
  • Health care, and way more.

Working Nomads Pros

  • Ability to choose between temporary projects and regular employment

Working Nomads Cons

  • Not as many job listings get added as on the other best freelance websites


Global rank: 1,005,880 • Category rank: 2,766

Total visits per month: 39.6K • Most users from: United States, India, Netherlands

Number of available jobs: 200+

SolidGigs offers more than just a list of freelance jobs. In fact, you also get a chance to join their freelance community.

How does SolidGigs work?

SolidGigs actually combines the best jobs from other job boards. The website’s team of freelancers goes over various job lists every day and gathers the best they can find. Then, you get an email with their picks every week.

Within this platform, you’ll also get interesting freelancing courses and tools covering topics such as:

  • Sales, 
  • Client acquisition, 
  • Pitching, and more. 

The price for the platform’s resources is one flat price of $35 monthly or $21 per month if paid yearly.

SolidGigs Pros

  • Freelancing courses to help you get more clients

SolidGigs Cons

  • This platform is on the expensive side


Global rank: 26,408 • Category rank: 49

Total visits per month: 1.9M • Most users from: United States, Canada, Croatia

Number of available jobs: 1,017,819

Nexxt promises more than a million jobs, hundreds of sites, and thousands of companies. Most worthy of your interest, it seems to deliver on that promise.

How does Nexxt work?

Nexxt serves as an excellent job portal that leads to other career sites. 

Once you select a Focus parameter, you’re immediately sent to the corresponding websites where you can browse more specific job boards. The parameters include:

  • Career Focus (like AdministrativeJobs.com, CustomerServiceJobs.com, MarketingJobForce.com),
  • Local Focus (such as AtlantaCareerPath.com, AustinJobSite.com, BeyondLosAngeles.com),
  • Diversity Focus (like Disability.Job.Site, VeteranJobSite.com, DiversityWorkers.com), and
  • Global Focus (such as Bumeran Latin America, Naukri India, Zhaopin China).

You can also enter your job title and other keywords, specify your location, and search for the corresponding jobs on the website’s main page. In addition, you can set up email notifications for the types of jobs that peak your interest.

Nexxt Pros

  • This website offers both shorter and larger projects

Nexxt Cons

  • For advanced features, you need to upgrade to a premium version


Global rank: 377,938 • Category rank: 2,354

Total visits per month: 92.8K • Most users from: United States, India, Canada

Number of available jobs: 700 

SkipTheDrive is another job platform that covers a broad range of job categories. From accounting and consulting, across HR and marketing, to project management and software development, they got it all.

How does SkipTheDrive work?

You’ll be able to search the job board through keywords, select a specific job category, or browse through a list of companies offering remote work.

With SkipTheDrive, you’ll also get a chance to receive email notifications about new jobs matching your searches and browse through informative resources about working from home.

SkipTheDrive Pros

  • There are no commissions and fees

SkipTheDrive Cons

  • Many job postings are not originally from SkipTheDrive, but are taken from other job boards such as ZipRecruiter


Global rank: 16,777 • Category rank: 68

Total visits per month: 4.4M • Most users from: United States, India, Ukraine

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Toptal is a job platform that matches freelancers with start-ups, businesses, and organizations. The job categories they cover include:

  • Software development, 
  • Graphic design, 
  • Finances, 
  • Project management, and 
  • Product management.

How does Toptal work?

The platform is mainly geared toward clients looking for freelancers. So, once you join their network of freelancers, you’ll become visible to a number of prospective companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, Airbnb, Zendesk, and more.

Toptal receives thousands of applications each month. As advertised, it’s one of the most prominent and exclusive freelance platforms. Therefore, only a tiny fraction of freelancers get to serve the platform’s clients after participating in a rigorous screening process.

Toptal Pros

  • Top-notch companies and clients

Toptal Cons

  • It can be a bit hard to pass the vetting process


Global rank: 84,403 • Category rank: 711

Total visits per month: 569.6K • Most users from: United States, India, Turkey

Number of available jobs: 100,000+

Remotive offers an extensive selection of remote jobs where freelance professionals from the field of education, engineering, HR, marketing, sales, product, and customer support can find work.

How does Remotive work?

Once you enter a job description, you’ll be able to apply to the selected position directly from the website. Apart from that, you’ll also have the opportunity to check the social media of the company to which you want to apply. Also, you’ll be able to view a list of similar jobs.

Finally, you can join their online community by paying a one-time $75 fee for exclusive and more timely access to jobs.

Remotive Pros 

  • A diverse selection of jobs

Remotive Cons

  • Joining the community isn’t free


Global rank: 217,838 • Category rank: 1,384

Total visits per month: 105 • Most users from: India

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Twine is a freelance marketplace where freelancers are connected to paid projects and ongoing work. 

How does Twine work?

Twine specializes in the creative and digital sectors and has a global community of over 350,000 freelancers. This platform also features a high volume of new jobs available weekly.

All of their freelancers are vetted before they’re allowed onto the platform to ensure top freelance talent. Job-seekers also have to provide a portfolio of work that is verified by Twine. 

As a freelancer on the platform, your portfolio lists your skills, education, experience, and testimonials. This is also helpful as it reveals everything a potential customer might need from you to decide if you’re the right fit for the job.

Twine Pros

  • It’s free to make a pitch

Twine Cons

  • Each pitch has to be approved to reach the client

LinkedIn Jobs

Global rank: 20 • Category rank: 6

Total visits per month: 1.5B • Most users from: United States, India, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: 3,000,000+

LinkedIn, being a social network for business professionals, is a great place to find freelance work. Although regular networking might help in the process of looking for a job, nothing beats a job board.

How does LinkedIn Jobs work?

The LinkedIn Jobs section on your LinkedIn profile helps you find potential employment opportunities including remote, on-site, full-time, part-time, and any other blend.

Any employer seeking to find top talent can post their job listings on LinkedIn Jobs. 

You can look for open positions by country, title, skill, company, etc. Also, if you use any of LinkedIn’s paid plans, you might even get a chance to contact recruiters and view company insights.

LinkedIn Jobs Pros

  • Recent news updates and online courses

LinkedIn Jobs Cons

  • The cost of premium features is high

Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent)

Global rank: 14,031 • Category rank: 79

Total visits per month: 4.0M • Most users from: United States, India, Canada

Number of available jobs: 130,000+

Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent) is a job marketplace that connects you with startups.

How does Wellfound work?

In a nutshell, you create an account by providing your basic information, uploading a resume, importing your LinkedIn profile, and describing your current role and expertise.

You’ll also get a chance to: 

  • Define the type of employment you’re looking for, 
  • Select the size of your prospective company, and 
  • Specify your desired salary. 

Later on, your profile will be added to a list of freelancers, where you’ll have a chance to get noticed by clients and companies.

You can find work on Wellfound if you’re an engineer, designer, product manager, sales or operations specialist, or marketer. The platform also claims that they have unique jobs that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Wellfound Pros

  • Salary can be seen upfront

Wellfound Cons

  • There aren’t many big corporate jobs

Virtual Vocations

Global rank: 154,781 • Category rank: 546

Total visits per month: 301.5K • Most users from: United States, Mongolia, India

Number of available jobs: 12,450+

Virtual Vocations is a legitimate platform with a 100% virtual staff dedicated to finding the perfect job for each and every job seeker.

How does Virtual Vocations work?

Virtual Vocations offers a large number of remote jobs in the US you can choose from. To help you streamline your search, you can define a number of available filters:

  • Job category (accounting, development, design, writing, insurance, legal),
  • Telecommute level (from telecommuting to occasional telecommuting),
  • Location (you can pick your state, time zone, and region),
  • Travel requirements (some travel, possible travel, no travel),
  • Weekly hours (day shift, evening shift),
  • Employment status (from permanent jobs to seasonal positions),
  • Employer type (employer or staffing agency),
  • Career level (from entry to executive),
  • Educational level (from college to doctorate), 
  • Date posted, and others.

You can also search the job listing by specific keywords and filter jobs by the relevance they have to your entered keywords.

Virtual Vocations Pros 

  • You can sign up for free

Virtual Vocations Cons

  • Most job details are only available with a paid subscription
Virtual Vocations


Global rank: 40,547 • Category rank: 146

Total visits per month: 1.1M • Most users from: India, Pakistan, United States

Number of available jobs: 1,779

Guru offers you a job board where you can bid for jobs and send quotes to prospective clients. 

How does Guru work?

Simply enter your keywords and determine whether you want to view the newest, oldest jobs, or those expiring soon.

What’s more, you can also filter by:

  • Skill category (programming and development, engineering and architecture, business and finance), 
  • Budget type (hourly rate or fixed price), and 
  • Location (specific city or country). 

On Guru, you can also increase your chances of getting paid properly by selecting to view only jobs that offer a verified payment method. 

If you want to vastly increase the likelihood of landing more clients, you can get their paid membership. These cost from $11 to $50, depending on the plan. However, they also allow you to: 

  • Send direct messages to potential clients, 
  • Get more bids, 
  • Send premium quotes, and 
  • Boost your ranking on Guru.

Guru Pros

  • Free membership is available

Guru Cons

  • If you want to boost your ranking or send direct messages, you need to upgrade to paid membership


Global rank: 10,351 • Category rank: 26

Total visits per month: 6.1M • Most users from: United States, India, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: 1,000,000+

Monster lets you find jobs in the US, connect with employers and make use of tailored career advice.

How does Monster work?

Once you create a free account, you’ll get a chance to upload your resume and receive customized job alerts for the positions you’re looking for.

You’ll also be able to browse through job listings and tips through three search engines. You can search for specific jobs, companies, and even career advice, without creating an account. If the job location is an important factor for you, you can also search the job offerings by US state, city, or city district.

Unlike many other freelance platforms, Monster allows you to calculate your salary and get in-depth information about your niche.

Monster Pros

  • The Career advice section is free and available, containing many useful articles and how-tos

Monster Cons

  • Salaries aren’t listed in most cases


Global rank: 20,636 • Category rank: 55

Total visits per month: 2.1M • Most users from: United States, India, Canada

Number of available jobs: 62,648

Dice is an easy-to-navigate job platform where you’ll see all listed jobs posted on a board. 

How does Dice work?

All you need to do to find the perfect job is select your: 

  • Desired title, 
  • Location, 
  • Company, 
  • Employment type, and 
  • Whether you want to be hired directly or via a recruiter.

You’ll find work from around the globe (though most work is remote anyway). Therefore, you can either apply immediately (you’ll need an account for this). Or, you can create a job alert the platform hits you up with each time a similar position appears.

Dice Pros

  • Job alerts for similar positions

Dice Cons

  • A paid subscription is necessary to be able to use some additional features


Global rank: 57 • Category rank: 1

Total visits per month: 467.3M • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Number of available jobs: 800,000+

Indeed is one of the more popular websites for finding freelance jobs where you can search among millions of jobs online.

How does Indeed work?

Indeed allows you to browse through an extensive list of jobs by entering your desired keywords, company, or job title. Apart from that, you can specifiy a job location, including remote positions.

You can then sort and filter your selection based on your: 

  • Desired salary, 
  • Job type, 
  • Company, and 
  • Experience level. 

Once again, you can also enter your email address and have jobs you’re looking for sent to you directly.

What’s so great about Indeed is that they provide you with insight into employer salaries. This feature helps you make better decisions pay-wise if you’re looking for long-term employment.

Indeed Pros

  • Indeed Job Search mobile app is available

Indeed Cons

  • Not all job posts are verified


Global rank: 1,446 • Category rank: 2

Total visits per month: 34.1M • Most users from: United States, Canada, India

Number of available jobs: 9,000,000+

ZipRecruiter is a US-based job-finding platform for mobile devices. The platform allows you to apply to the jobs you like through your phone easily.

How does ZipRecruiter work?

ZipRecruiter is a classic job board where you’ll have the opportunity to browse until you find the right job for you. The millions of jobs are categorized by: 

  • Industry, 
  • Job type, 
  • Location (US state and city), and 
  • Company.

If you don’t want to bother selecting these parameters, you can enter your desired job title or other related keywords in the search menu. 

Finally, ZipRecruiter has a handy feature that allows you to check salaries and all employment types, including: 

  • Temporary, 
  • Contract, 
  • Full-time, 
  • Part-time, and others.

ZipRecruiter Pros

  • There are no fees for job seekers

ZipRecruiter Cons

  • This platform can only be used by jobseekers from the US, Canada, and the UK (for now)


Global rank: 719,023 • Category rank: 37,365

Total visits per month: 41.2K • Most users from: United States, Brazil, India

Number of available jobs: 150+

Krop is a job platform which offers work to professionals in creative fields. 

How does Krop work?

The platform’s job categories include: 

  • Development, 
  • Design, 
  • Copywriting, 
  • Fashion, and much more.

You can browse jobs by specific keywords and location. Yet, you can also subscribe to email alerts and receive regular notifications for a specific job category.

Interestingly, Krop features its own portfolio website templates that you can use to showcase your work.

Krop Pros

  • This platform offers a job alert feature

Krop Cons

  • Jobs are limited to a specific niche (the creative niche)


Global rank: 10,904 • Category rank: 18

Total visits per month: 5.6M • Most users from: United States, India, Honduras

Number of available jobs: 2,000,000+

CareerBuilder is another classic job board with all the classic job board elements where you can: 

  • Browse through a list of available jobs, 
  • Speed up your search by entering keywords or location, and 
  • Refine your search by selecting the right parameters.

How does CareerBuilder work?

By default, the most recent job posts are on top of the list, and you’ll be able to save jobs you like or have them emailed to your inbox.

Each job has an indication of whether you can apply directly from the website (“CareerBuilder apply”), or you need to go to the company’s website to do so. You can also upload your resume to have job opportunities matching your qualifications and experience appear as a separate list.

Finally, CareerBuilder has a section to help you understand your earning potential and explore new careers if you’re not sure what your next step should be.

CareerBuilder Pros

  • Job seekers can publish their resumes for free

CareerBuilder Cons

  • Filtering options are basic compared to some other job boards


Global rank: 9,551• Category rank: 19

Total visits per month: 5.3M • Most users from: United States, India, South Africa

Number of available jobs: 1,800,000+

SimplyHired is the ultimate job board. There you’ll find all possible freelance work (from game testing to train pushing) from nearly two million vacant positions.

How does SimplyHired work?

To make matters simple, SimplyHired is as straightforward as job boards get. The platform lets you select: 

  • Desired job type, 
  • Minimum salary, and
  • Date or relevance. 

You’ll view: 

  • The description of each job, 
  • Necessary education and skills, 
  • Benefits provided, and 
  • The budgeted hourly rate. 

Then, if what you see suits you, you can click “Apply.”

SimplyHired Pros

  • This website offers helpful guides

SimplyHired Cons

  • It’s a large website, so it can be hard to get noticed

Freelance Directory

Global rank: 1,386,387 • Category rank: 732

Total visits per month: 29.4K • Most users from: United Kingdom, Ukraine, Egypt

Number of available jobs: 140

Freelance Directory is a freelancer marketplace where you can create an account to join. But you can only apply if you’re UK-based, and most of the available jobs are in the creative and media field. 

New members pay £20+VAT for 4 months in advance. After the 4-month period, members pay £5+VAT monthly to renew their membership.

How does Freelance Directory work?

To become visible to hundreds of clients browsing the website, you’ll need to disclose: 

  • Your skills, 
  • Location, and 
  • Experience and create a full profile with a portfolio. 

The Freelance Directory is owned and operated by Freelance UK, a company based in the United Kingdom. Their website gives you plenty of information and useful guides for becoming a more successful freelancer. 

Freelance Directory Pros

  • There’s a forum to share experiences with other freelancers

Freelance Directory Cons

  • You have to be UK-based to be able to apply for jobs


Global rank: 6,508 • Category rank: 28

Total visits per month: 6.8M • Most users from: India, Bangladesh, United States

Number of available jobs: 16,049

Freelancer is another popular freelancer platform with a bidding system where you can browse an extensive job board. 

How does Freelancer work?

Freelancer offers specific job opportunities, such as shoe design, pharmaceutical writing, and much more.

All jobs show how many people have placed their bids so far (and the average bid amount). So, once you select a job, you’ll see an extensive job description and a place to enter your bid.

You’ll also get a chance to participate in reward contests and enter a list of selected top jobs (if you sign up for an account). With over 1,800 categories to choose from, you can find a niche which suits you best!

Freelancer Pros

  • For freelancers, Freelancer is free to sign up and create a profile

Freelancer Cons

  • There can be a lot of fake clients and jobs


Global rank: 165,398 • Category rank: 2,216

Total visits per month: 399K • Most users from: United States, Poland, Canada

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

ServiceScape offers job opportunities to editors, translators, graphic designers, and writers.

How does ServiceScape work?

Simply put, you sign up, create a profile, and you’re added to the freelance directory where clients will be able to see you.

Here, you can also attract clients by setting up projects you think they’ll like (either in the form of a free sample or a paid project). To facilitate communication between you and the clients, you can use the built-in communication system that allows you to send and receive messages, as well as schedule conference calls.

To apply, you’ll need to: 

  • Fill out a form, 
  • Provide your credentials, and 
  • Define your expertise. 

And remember — the more you say about yourself, the more likely the clients will contact you.

ServiceScape Pros

  • This website allows you to work on your own schedule

ServiceScape Cons

  • It takes a 50% commission from your earnings


Global rank: 1,384,286 • Category rank: 82

Total visits per month: 18.6K • Most users from: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia

Number of available jobs: 550+

Cultjobs is a job platform for freelancers in Singapore where you can find great Singapore-based job opportunities if you’re in the advertising, media, design, or marketing business.

How does Cultjobs work?

Cultjobs lets you search by: 

  • Company, 
  • Job type, or
  • Job category. 

Also, you can enter your email to receive direct job alerts for your keywords. As with many other of the best freelance websites we’ve explored so far, Cultjobs allows you to create a profile and “deposit your CV,” as they call it.

Cultjobs Pros

  • You can get email updates for new jobs

Cultjobs Cons

  • This platform is available for freelancers in Singapore only


Global rank: 22,093 • Category rank: 121

Total visits per month: 4.1M • Most users from: United States, Canada, Mexico

Number of available jobs: 3,000+

Craigslist often gets a bad reputation, but you can find some great US-based job opportunities if you look into it.

How does Craigslist work?

You can apply for the positions of: 

  • Legal assistants, 
  • Attorneys, 
  • Cooks, 
  • Sales representatives, and 
  • Pretty much anything you can think of. 

But, bear in mind that the website doesn’t hold the client accountable for payments, so do the client research before taking on a job.

Unlike many other of the best freelance websites, Craigslist gives you the ability to search for weekly paid jobs.

Craigslist Pros

  • There are no fees to apply for jobs

Craigslist Cons

  • There’s no freelancer protection offered


Global rank: 18 • Category rank: 4

Total visits per month: 1.8B • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

The forum Reddit, being the meeting point of many professionals, is also a great opportunity for you to land a freelance job.

How does Reddit work?

Specifically, you can check out the /r/ForHire page, and offer your services (posts labeled as “for Hire”) or look for jobs (posts labeled as “Hiring”).

However, you need to follow several rules to have your posts published:

  • You can’t offer free work and you’ll need to disclose your hourly rates (or fixed price) in every post.
  • You can’t post any affiliate and referral links, or links to other job boards.
  • You have to write an informative offer and include a resume or portfolio detailing your previous work.

As a freelancer, you need to check out other rules to this Reddit page before posting. Still, bear in mind that this board mostly works in your favor. 

For example, the clients can’t ask for free work (no work-for-exposure jobs). Also, customers have to disclose their budget (which can’t be lower than $10 per hour). Finally, clients must be informative about the work they’re offering.

This Reddit page is for individual freelancers, so if you’re a team of freelancers or an agency, check out /r/b2bforhire.

Reddit Pros

  • Clients have to disclose budget information

Reddit Cons

  • It’s not a typical job board, so there aren’t many job filters

Europe Language Jobs

Global rank: 109,233 • Category rank: 767

Total visits per month: 461K • Most users from: Brazil, Spain, Portugal

Number of available jobs: 2,000+

Europe Language Jobs is a job board that offers various types of language-related freelance jobs across Europe. The selection of positions includes: 

  • Representatives, 
  • Support specialists, 
  • Content writers, and 
  • Content moderators. 

However, you’ll also find job listings for software developers and advertising specialists with certain language proficiencies.

How does Europe Language Jobs work?

You can search the job offerings by: 

  • Position, 
  • Language required for the position, or 
  • Keyword. 

Specialized drop-down menus allow you to search for jobs based on the: 

  • Country, 
  • Employment type, and 
  • Experience level. 

Each time you open a drop-down menu, you’ll instantly be able to see the number of jobs available for the selected parameter. For example, if you choose the German language, you’ll get 117 job listings.

Europe Language Jobs Pros

  • This platform offers various positions and languages that you can filter

Europe Language Jobs Cons

  • It’s mostly for language-related freelance jobs
Europe language jobs


Global rank: 1,659 • Category rank: 4

Total visits per month: 29.2M • Most users from: Poland, France, Spain

Number of available jobs: 744,400

Jooble is a unique search engine that enables you to search for jobs on major job boards and career sites across the world. Also, it’s a unicorn freelance website.

How does Jooble work?

Jooble groups similar job positions together, and has detailed filters to help you customize your personal search results to find your desired job. The platform helps you find relevant jobs in a few seconds which can significantly save your time.

Jooble Pros

  • This platform is free to use

Jooble Cons

  • The application process is not particularly quick

Hubstaff Talent

Global rank and category rank: Unavailable because the site is new

Total visits per month: 242.6K • Most users from: Philippines, United States, Pakistan

Number of available jobs: 552

Hubstaff Talent is a relatively new freelance platform that requires no bidding. That means no middlemen, no markups, and no fees — as is the case with many other of the best freelance websites.

How does Hubstaff Talent work?

Hubstaff Talent offers remote positions meant for agencies and individual freelancers with skills in:

  • Customer service,
  • Content writing,
  • Mobile development,
  • Web design, and much more.

Finally, the platform advises you to fill out your profile on Hubstaff Talent and provide as much detail as possible. For illustration, these details include social media profiles and portfolios, work experience, and skills. Doing so allows you to get greater exposure among potential clients.

Hubstaff Talent Pros

  • You get email notifications when your application gets noticed

Hubstaff Talent Cons

  • Most job opportunities require previous experience
Hubstaff Talent


Global rank: 250,209 • Category rank: 1,916

Total visits per month: 180.1K • Most users from: United States, Nigeria, India

Number of available jobs: 1,560+

One of the most all-encompassing online places for freelancer jobs, JustRemote comes with many options. From developer to designer to social media listings, the platform gives you a chance to find the proper gig.

How does JustRemote work?

You can see the latest job listings and find a fully or partially remote job that fits your needs and skills. 

Compared to many other similar marketplaces, JustRemote says they help you find 70% of jobs online that employers don’t advertise. The platform also requires a $6 fee if you want to get more jobs in your inbox. People at JustRemote call these positions “hidden.”

JustRemote Pros

  • This website offers many useful articles and tips for freelancers

JustRemote Cons

  • To see the “hidden” positions, you need to pay a $6 fee

Freelance websites for beginners

If you’re just starting out in a freelance business, it’s best to check out websites that offer entry-level positions and are more lenient when accepting new members. So, here are some of the best freelance jobs online. 

What’s more, we’ll include a few popular and some of the best freelance websites for:

  • Beginners, 
  • Students, and 
  • Recent graduates.

XPlace • We Work Remotely • Truelancer • Freelanced • College Recruiter • Fiverr


Global rank: 324,054 • Category rank: 125

Total visits per month: 151K • Most users from: Israel, India, Pakistan

Number of available jobs: 2,650+

XPlace is a subscription-based job marketplace where you can find work in 675 categories (from TV and theater work to engineering).

How does XPlace work?

Once you set up an account and create a profile, the platform adds you to access a list of freelancers, categorized by job category.

The number of projects is smaller than the number of freelancers per category. Therefore, make sure you tag your profile with effective skills and knowledge to stand out. 

Finally, when you join XPlace as a paid subscriber, you get greater exposure to clients!

XPlace Pros

  • You can collaborate with other freelancers and agencies

XPlace Cons

  • Freelancers need to pay a monthly membership fee

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We Work Remotely

Global rank: 44,406 • Category rank: 366

Total visits per month: 1.4M • Most users from: United States, India, Ghana

Number of available jobs: 29,590

We Work Remotely is perfect for any newbie freelancer who wants to work remotely. On the platform, you’ll find:

  • Business and management, 
  • Customer support, 
  • Programming, 
  • Design, and 
  • Copywriting jobs.

How does We Work Remotely work?

We Work Remotely gives you the full information for all companies who post jobs here. The price to merely post jobs is $299, so you can expect serious and reliable clients.

In addition, some of the latest features the platform now includes are:

  • Advanced job search,
  • Top trending remote jobs, and
  • Creating an account.

With these three and many more under your belt, you’ll be ready to find genuine work.

We Work Remotely Pros

  • This platform offers an advanced job search feature

We Work Remotely Cons

  • The layout can be a bit difficult to use compared to some of the other best freelance websites


Global rank: 74,753 • Category rank: 1,385

Total visits per month: 621.7K • Most users from: India, Pakistan, Philippines

Number of available jobs: 3,000+

Truelancer is yet another bidding-based job platform. Yet, it’s one of the more popular ones, so it’s always worth checking out.

How does Truelancer work?

On this platform, you can find interesting projects if you’re a: 

  • Developer, 
  • Designer, 
  • Blogger, 
  • Writer, 
  • SEO specialist, or 
  • Versed in sales and marketing.

You’ll be able to sort projects by: 

  • Latest
  • Popular
  • Featured
  • Ending, and 
  • High budget

Apart from that, you’ll get a nice overview of the number of proposals per project just by glancing at the job boards. However, to make your own bid, you’ll need to sign up for a free account.

Truelancer Pros

  • Freelancers get 20 free proposals per month

Truelancer Cons

  • If you want additional proposals, you need to purchase them after you create an account


Global rank: 809,686 • Category rank: 2,125

Total visits per month: 43.3K • Most users from: United States, Poland, Turkey

Number of available jobs: 60+

Freelanced is a freelance social network where you can connect with clients and other freelancers.

How does Freelanced work?

You can find work by uploading your portfolio for clients to view. Still, your rates aren’t publicly available, but the client can ask for them.

You can also find work by browsing through a job board. Again, the pay per project isn’t publicly available here either, so you’ll have to ask the client for it. 

Anyway, you’ll get to see the number of applicants per job and apply directly through the website. However, your first step is to open an account.

Freelanced Pros

  • There are search options to find the job by the category, country, or keyword

Freelanced Cons

  • The pay per project isn’t always publicly available

College Recruiter

Global rank: 136,890 • Category rank: 348

Total visits per month: 551.3K • Most users from: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: 124,432

College Recruiter is great for students and recent graduates looking to ease into the professional job market. On the platform, you’ll get some great resources for newbies, such as job search advice and a resume builder.

How does College Recruiter work?

To find a particular position, enter your: 

  • Keywords, 
  • Desired location, 
  • Job category, 
  • Company, and 
  • Employment type. 

What’s unique here is that you’ll also be able to define your commute to work. To do this, you need to indicate whether you want your work to be within walking or driving distance from your location. Also, you can specify the length of your preferred commute.

Jobs include anything from development to gardening. Finally, you can apply via social media or directly through the website. However, most jobs require you to go to their employer’s website.

College Recruiter Pros

  • This website provides many opportunities for part-time, seasonal jobs, internships, or entry-level jobs

College Recruiter Cons

  • This platform is mostly for those based in Canada and the US
College Recruiter


Global rank: 620 • Category rank: 108

Total visits per month: 61.7M • Most users from: United States, Pakistan, India

Number of available jobs: 3,000,000+

Fiverr is one of the more popular entries on this list. If you’ve ever read anything about freelancing websites, you’ll know the drill. 

How does Fiverr work?

In a nutshell, you define your service, select the amount you want people to pay you for that service (typically $5, but you can ask for much more), and wait for clients to contact you.

As long as the service you’re selling is legal and in compliance with Fiverr’s terms, you’re free to be creative. For every transaction you make, you get to keep 80% of the full price. 

Finally, most clients come from the United States, while freelancers are from low-income countries like India and Pakistan.

Fiverr Pros

  • Freelancers can create their own service offerings

Fiverr Cons

  • Fiverr takes a 20% cut of all your earnings as a service fee

Freelance websites for developers

When it comes to freelance jobs websites, it’s common knowledge that developers are among the highest paid. To top it off, the internet is bursting with freelance jobs listings for developers. So, here we’ll go into some of the best platforms.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that most websites that offer work for designers also offer work for developers. So, make sure to check out the “freelance websites for designers and artists” section of this list as well.

Anyway, let’s get started with the best freelance websites for developers.

ScalablePath • Sologig • Gun.io • PowerToFly • Codeable • Webflow Experts

Scalable Path

Global rank: 669,033 • Category rank: 3,261

Total visits per month: 67.5K • Most users from: Brazil, India, United States

Number of available jobs: 500+

Scalable Path is a network for matching remote developers and clients all over the world. You’ll find work if you’re a front-end or back-end developer. However, there are also gigs for other digital professionals like graphics designers, copywriters, and project managers, to name a few.

How does Scalable Path work?

First, you’ll need to open an account and fill out your profile in detail. 

Then, you’ll get invited to apply to projects that match your skills, go through an interview, and work directly with clients who hire you. However, the platform’s vetting process takes up to five business days. So, you need to stay patient.

Finally, some of the most important requirements to get a job include:

  • Excellent communication and English skills,
  • Overlapping with clients’ business hours, 
  • Abiding by their Code of Conduct, and more.

Scalable Path Pros

  • Freelancers collaborate directly with clients

Scalable Path Cons

  • A three-part interview process can be time-consuming 
Scalable Path


Global rank: 12,885,560 • Category rank: 17,573

Total visits per month: 450 

Number of available jobs: 396

Sologig is a job platform with a job board that offers IT and engineering jobs grouped by the US state and city.

How does Sologig work?

Once you pick a city/job title, you’ll be taken to the job board, where you can browse the offerings. You can also refine your search with the right parameters (like filtering by offered salary). Once you’re done with that, you can apply for a position and provide your email address.  

As with other similar websites, you can build or upload your resume and get recommended jobs.

Sologig Pros

  • The registration is free

Sologig Cons

  • It depends on the company and the job whether freelancers will have to go to on-site meetings, but there’s a possibility they’ll have to


Global rank: 611,077 • Category rank: 5,571

Total visits per month: 53.6K • Most users from: United States, India, Nigeria

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Gun.io is a freelance-oriented work platform designed to connect various types of software developers (QA, DevOps, scrum masters, and others) with software companies.

How does Gun.io work?

This platform is stricter when accepting new clients than when getting new freelancers on board. The website promises they only accept projects with interesting development challenges. Therefore, you’ll likely come across exciting projects if you create an account here.

Most interestingly, Gun.io allows you to keep 100% of the rate you choose.

Gun.io Pros

  • Freelancers can set their own pay rates

Gun.io Cons

  • This platform is more suitable for long-term hires


Global rank: 191,136 • Category rank: 799

Total visits per month: 245.2K • Most users from: United States, India, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: 44,863

PowerToFly is a developer community where women developers help, elevate, and support each other. The platform also features a job board. 

How does PowerToFly work?

It wouldn’t be an overstatement if we said it’s one of the best freelance websites for web developers. In fact, you’ll find mostly engineering jobs but also some opportunities in product and design, sales and marketing, etc.

Here, it’s the companies that create profiles to attract prospective freelancers and you can make your pick among high-quality companies. Apart from that, you can browse for specific job titles and locations — or mark “remote” to look for work-from-home opportunities.

PowerToFly Pros

  • This platform offers free video training and coaching, and a supportive community for freelancers

PowerToFly Cons

  • It’s a women-only job board


Global rank: 364,260 • Category rank: 1,401

Total visits per month: 129.9K • Most users from: United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Codeable is a freelance platform for WordPress developers. If you’re skilled in WordPress, it’s worth checking out.

How does Codeable work?

This is another exclusive community. This means that only about 2% of all applicants get in. But, if you’re among that percentage, you’ll have steady work and a chance to connect with other digital professionals, such as marketers, designers, and other developers.

The platform also turns down clients who don’t meet the requirements. As a result, you’ll be working for quality employers on challenging projects and for a premium price. 

However, their vetting and hiring process is truly demanding. In other words, you need to complete several stages before you get on board, such as:

  • Professional review,
  • Technical exam,
  • Behavioral interview and live coding test,
  • The Codeable Academy exam, and
  • A 90-day trial period.

Codeable Pros

  • Freelancers get fair compensation with the help of a special algorithm

Codeable Cons

  • Freelancers pay 10% of their commissions to companies

Webflow Experts

Global rank and category rank: Unavailable because the site is new

Total visits per month: 63.8K • Most users from: United States, India, France

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Webflow Experts is a new feature on the Webflow company website that attracts professional and enterprise partners. Most relevant for our topic, professional partners entail freelancers, digital agencies, and consultants working with small and medium business and mid-market customers.

How does Webflow Experts work?

Webflow Experts is a tightly knit community that you first must apply to. After they’ve reviewed your application, the website owners decide if you’ll get in. 

But bear one thing in mind — you need to submit three sites you’ve built for previous clients. The reviewers will judge the quality of your site against this grading rubric. If you have some experience under your sleeve, we suggest you jump right in.

Webflow Experts Pros

  • Freelancers can get started for free

Webflow Experts Cons

  • Plans with more advanced features such as the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients in a shared Workspace are a bit pricey
Webflow Experts

Freelance websites for designers and artists

In the US, freelance graphic designers and artists get paid north of $41,000 yearly. In other words, it’s a decent earning potential for experienced and up-and-coming creators of art and design.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re specialized in creating new, exciting fonts, logos, or are in any other way artistically inclined, this segment explores some of the best freelance websites for graphic designers and artists who want to earn well.

99designs • DesignHill • DesignCrowd • Behance • ArtWanted • SquadHelp • Dribbble • YunoJuno • Folyo • Coroflot • Graphicriver • DesignBro • CrowdSpring • BrandCrowd • Working Not Working • MyFonts


Global rank: 12,669 • Category rank: 134

Total visits per month: 4.2M • Most users from: United States, Indonesia, India

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

99designs is a designer community where you can find work in two ways. You get gigs either by competing in designer contests or by working directly with clients. For the second option, customers contact you for projects if they like your portfolio.

How does 99designs work?

When looking for work, you can choose your desired industry, style, and design category. As time goes on, you start getting clients and project suggestions based on your previous work.

You’ll also need to pay a certain fee for the website’s service of matching you with clients. Each time you start working with a new client, you need to pay an introduction fee. The cost ranges between 30% and 50%, depending on the amount you earn.

Before fully applying to 99designs, you’ll need to pass reviews that determine your design level. In turn, this will also influence the percentage you need to pay for the new client introduction fees.

99designs Pros

  • Their design community allows freelancers to collaborate with businesses

99designs Cons

  • This platform charges an introduction fee of $100


Global rank: 72,890 • Category rank: 327

Total visits per month: 805K • Most users from: United States, India, Indonesia

Number of available jobs: 13,000+

DesignHill is one of the best websites for freelance graphic designers. But, unlike many others, DesignHill facilitates design contests.

How does DesignHill work?

Simply put, the client posts a brief with the design description, graphic designers send them their solutions, and then the client decides.

Here, you can find a variety of design work. From brand identity and logo design, across package, clothing and menu design, to email and infographic design. In our opinion, this is one of the most comprehensive design websites we’ve come across.

DesignHill Pros

  • There are no service fees for freelancers

DesignHill Cons

  • Clients can ask for revisions, so creating a perfect project in order for a freelancer to win a contest can be time-consuming


Global rank: 40,051 • Category rank: 99

Total visits per month: 1.2M  • Most users from: India, Indonesia, United States

Number of available jobs: 273

DesignCrowd is a job platform for designers that offers a number of graphic design contests, both open and private, that you can participate in.

How does DesignCrowd work?

You can access open contests with no limitations. However, you’ll have to create an account to see private contests.

Each contest has specs you can view before even clicking on its link. For example, you can see: 

  • The number of designers who applied to the contest, 
  • The number of designs needed, 
  • The amount you’ll get if your solutions are selected, and 
  • The number of days left before the contests close.

Once you select a contest you’re interested in, you’ll get a full description of the requested design. What’s more, you’ll be able to submit your solution or browse through a short list of similar contests/jobs you can also apply to.

DesignCrowd Pros

  • This platform helps freelance designers build their portfolios

DesignCrowd Cons

  • This platform takes a 15% commission on all payments


Global rank: 1,103 • Category rank: 1

Total visits per month: 40.4M • Most users from: India, United States, Brazil

Number of available jobs: 125

Behance is a creative community where you can showcase your portfolio and get noticed by clients. It’s also a job board where you can browse through jobs by entering: 

  • Specific keywords, 
  • Job type, 
  • Location, and 
  • Creative field.

How does Behance work?

Once you select a specific job, you’ll get a full description of the project, the required skills, and responsibilities. Also, you’ll see what formal education you need to possess to apply. As soon as you’re sure you fit the requirements, you can click to apply.

Interestingly, Behance is a product of Adobe, which speaks about its relevance.

Behance Pros

  • Freelancers can make a lot of connections with the help of Behance’s social networking features

Behance Cons

  • The competition is high


Global rank: 212,153 • Category rank: 41

Total visits per month: 200.1K • Most users from: Canada, United States, Japan

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

ArtWanted is a free artist portfolio website where freelance artists can promote their work and services by uploading their art to the website’s gallery.

How does ArtWanted work?

Here, you’ll get a chance to sell your original artwork, prints, or digital files. 

Moreover, you pay no commission fee to the ArtWanted website for the work you sell.

With ArtWanted you can: 

  • Create your bio, 
  • Fill out your profile, 
  • Receive feedback in the form of comments, and
  • Upload a video showcasing your art.

ArtWanted Pros

  • This website offers a great community of artists

ArtWanted Cons

  • For additional options like unlimited images or enhanced statistics, freelancers need to upgrade to a paid Premium membership


Global rank: 22,909 • Category rank: 312

Total visits per month: 3.2M • Most users from: United States, India, France

Number of available jobs: 136

SquadHelp is essentially a contest platform where people compete for the best brand name. But you can also find traditional design jobs if you dig deeper.

How does SquadHelp work?

Most contests provide money rewards to the winners. What’s more, you can filter contests by: 

  • Industry, 
  • Category (there’s a separate logo and design category), 
  • Status, 
  • Award type (guaranteed or not guaranteed), and 
  • Award amount.

While browsing the list of contests, you’ll notice that each contest has several items. For example, a visible number of days left, the number of people who applied thus far, and the amount you’ll get as a winner if the award is “guaranteed.”

SquadHelp Pros

  • There are a lot of high awards for highly skilled freelance designers

SquadHelp Cons

  • To participate in naming contests, freelancers need to pay a $5 fee for each contest


Global rank: 5,243 • Category rank: 19

Total visits per month: 16.1M • Most users from: United States, India, Indonesia

Number of available jobs: 350+

Dribbble is an online community for designers with a classic job board. In other words, you get a list of jobs you can apply for directly from the website.

How does Dribbble work?

Here, you’ll find high-quality and high-profile work from the world’s top companies. Some of these include Comcast, Twitch, 3M, CBR, Instasize, Centro, Bumble, Buffer, Tinder, Zendesk, Klarna, and more.

You have the chance to browse through the job board. Yet, you’ll also get the opportunity to create a profile for your freelance business and fill it with sample work for prospective clients to see, like, or comment on.

Dribbble Pros

  • Freelancers can apply for the job directly from the website

Dribbble Cons

  • If you want an upgraded profile, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid Pro package


Global rank: 200,443 • Category rank: 76

Total visits per month: 205.3K • Most users from: United Kingdom, Uganda, United States

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

YunoJuno is an exclusive designer community for freelancers looking to find work. Most freelancers from the community are based in London or New York, but you can also apply if you don’t live in these cities.

How does YunoJuno work?

On sign-up, you’ll fill out a form. 

Secondly, you’ll select your work type: photography, UX, film and motion, and designer are some of the types available. However, you can also select “Journalism,” “Developer,” or “Marketing.” So, there’s work for other professional freelancers here as well.

Then, you can: 

  • Create a profile with your bio, 
  • Provide a link to your portfolio, 
  • Define your day rate, and 
  • Explain your skills and qualifications. 

If your profile is approved, you’ll start getting project briefs from interested clients.

All clients are screened for their credit score, depending on their bank of choice, before they can hire a freelancer. After your completed project, you receive all your payments for finished work from YunoJuno, and not the clients. In fact, you get paid on time and don’t have to pay a specific fee to the website. The reason is that the amount is deducted from the client’s fee.

YunoJuno Pros

  • Freelancers get automatically matched with the jobs that match their skills and work experience

YunoJuno Cons

  • The website is aimed at UK-based freelancers


Global rank: 2,001,189 • Category rank: 5,890

Total visits per month: 16.1K • Most users from: India, United States, Honduras

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Folyo is a private design community that connects designers with agencies and startups looking for design work. Yes, it’s difficult to get in, and the website’s owner (who’s also a designer) screens all applicants personally. But, once you’re in, you’ll get a decent chance to expand your client pool.

How does Folyo work?

When a client posts a job, all freelancer members are screened to find the top 5% who fit the job’s requirements and budget best. If you’re among the 5%, you can express your interest to work on the current project. Finally, if the client likes your work, you get hired.

However, more recently, the platform has shifted their focus to web design agencies, and Folyo provides them with hundreds of leads to get them more clients.

Folyo Pros

  • There’s a Freelancer News community to share tips with other freelancers

Folyo Cons

  • The website has a screening process, so it can be difficult to get in

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If you want to learn more about the difference between a freelancer, a contractor, and an employee and reduce the possibility of running into legal trouble when it comes to your work status, read our blog post on the subject:


Global rank: 134,839 • Category rank: 312

Total visits per month: 407.5K • Most users from: United States, India, Brazil

Number of available jobs: 149

Coroflot is a classic job platform for freelance designers where you can browse through a list of various designer jobs.

How does Coroflot work?

You can search the board by entering specific keywords or companies, by specifying the desired job location, and choosing your job level. You can also search the job list by popular keywords already listed at the beginning of the list. Also, you can apply to jobs directly from the website, and read more about your prospective employers.

Helpfully, the platform gives you a salary guide that you can use in your job negotiations!

Coroflot Pros

  • The platform is free to use

Coroflot Cons

  • Your application has to be accepted in order for you to join


Global rank: 32,033 • Category rank: 129

Total visits per month: 2M • Most users from: United States, Indonesia, India

Number of available jobs: 2,000,000+

Graphicriver is an online community which is a part of the Envato market. On the platform, you can sell your: 

  • Logos, 
  • Icons, 
  • Presentation templates, 
  • Fonts, 
  • Prints, 
  • Customizable design kits, and 
  • Similar design work.

How does Graphicriver work?

You can apply to become an Envato Artist through your Envato account. If you pass the screening process, you’ll get to create profile pages for all your pieces, fill it with pricing information and examples of your creative process — or infographics detailing your services.

Graphicriver Pros

  • It’s free to sign up and use the platform

Graphicriver Cons

  • You need to pass the screening process to apply for jobs


Global rank: 332,438 • Category rank: 1,511

Total visits per month: 165.8K • Most users from: United States, Czech Republic

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

DesignBro is a contest-based platform where you can submit your designs in response to client briefs. Yet, the competition system seems to be more elaborate than on other best freelance websites on our list.

How does DesignBro work?

Here, you can sell your work in the category of packaging, logo, and brand identity. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to bid for projects.

First, you’ll have to reserve a spot on a project you like, upload your design, and wait for feedback. No more than ten designers can apply to one job, and the client provides feedback and selects three finalists.

One of the three finalists wins and receives the premium award, but the other two finalists also get a money award.

DesignBro Pros

  • Quality clients from all over the world

DesignBro Cons

  • This platform is not suitable for those who are not used to contest-based platforms


Global rank: 153,070 • Category rank: 38

Total visits per month: 284.1K • Most users from: Indonesia, Pakistan, United States

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

CrowdSpring is predominantly a client-centric designer website where freelance professionals work on business cards, logos, package graphics, packaging design, email templates, and blog themes. Of course, other design work is also available.

How does CrowdSpring work?

The registration for this platform is currently restricted. However, you can define your experience and qualifications in an application form. 

Then, the platform owners will add you to a wait list. 

Finally, pending applications are reviewed and approved in the course of 1-2 weeks.

Apart from being a useful platform, CrowdSpring has a ton of helpful resources. Some of these include guides and how-tos on starting a business, building brand identity, and much more.

CrowdSpring Pros

  • Freelancers can add their email to CrowdSpring’s waiting list to be notified when the next open registration period begins

CrowdSpring Cons

  • There is a vetting process in order to join


Global rank: 18,306 • Category rank: 59

Total visits per month: 2.2M • Most users from: United States, India, Thailand

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

BrandCrowd is an easy-to-use online marketplace for designers on our list of the best freelance websites. On the platform, you can advertise and sell your logo designs. 

How does BrandCrowd work?

To sell your designs on BrandCrowd, you complete a simple process: 

  • Apply to join, where you share sample logos, your portfolio, and prices.
  • After the platform reviews your submission, they contact you directly. 
  • You send a batch of logos you made from scratch or pre-made logos for review. 

Finally, clients can then browse through your work and make their picks. 

The great thing about this platform is that you determine your price and the payment method you want to use. You display your designs for free, and for every sale you make, you pay a 40% service fee to the website.

BrandCrowd Pros

  • The platform offers user-friendly editing tools and logo templates

BrandCrowd Cons

  • Your application has to be approved by their selection team

Working Not Working

Global rank: 183,479 • Category rank: 302

Total visits per month: 232.1K • Most users from: United States, South Africa, Canada

Number of available jobs: 300+

Working Not Working is a free job platform where creatives can find new clients and projects. In fact, the platform features designer, photography, production, animation, and other artistic work. 

On the other side, the clients include top companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and publications like the New York Times.

How does Working Not Working work?

You can use various search options to find the job by location, type, skills, company, or based on your experience.

This is another exclusive job platform where only a small number of applicants gets accepted, but you’ll gain access to a prospective pool of clients and location-based job boards.

Working Not Working Pros

  • There are no commissions and fees for creatives

Working Not Working Cons

  • To be able to apply, you need to have certain experience and references


Global rank: 7,948 • Category rank: 31

Total visits per month: 7.5M • Most users from: United States, Brazil, India

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

MyFonts is an online marketplace aimed especially at font creators. In other words, you can sell and advertise your custom-made fonts.

How does MyFonts work?

First, you’ll need to submit your font for review. If your font is deemed as original and quality work, you’ll receive a contract to sign. A bit discouraging for many, for each font you sell, you pay a 50% service fee to the website.

Once you sign a contract, you’ll need to send in the final font files, artwork showcasing your font, your designer bio, and define the price for the font. 

Although it seems like a dull and lengthy process, MyFonts is one of the best ranking websites in its niche. 

MyFonts Pros

  • It’s free to sign in

MyFonts Cons

  • You pay a 50% service fee to the website

Freelance websites for media production

Actors, producers, and scriptwriters make a living by creating, managing, and bringing imaginary stories into existence. But that doesn’t mean websites where they can find work are imaginary as well. So, here’s a selected list of profitable websites where you can find work in the media production industry.

Assemble • ProductionHUB • Mandy • Stage 32


Global rank: 993,653 • Category rank: 1,047

Total visits per month: 32.2K • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, Australia

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Assemble is an invite-only creative network for professionals involved with video production which includes:

  • Producers,
  • Creative directors,
  • Visual artists, and
  • Post-production professionals. 

How does Assemble work?

To request an invite, you’ll need to provide basic information, your current occupation, portfolio pieces, and videos (if applicable).

If the platform grants you access, you’ll get a chance to provide quotes to client projects. If your price matches their budget — you’ll get hired on product launches, brand videos, and commercials. That means both live-action and animated.

Assemble has a developed system for managing production projects. Their clients can benefit from:

  • Calendar,
  • Task, and
  • Asset management options.

In turn, this helps freelancers better manage their workloads with all the information they need at their fingertips!

Assemble Pros

  • There’s a free trial

Assemble Cons

  • You need to switch to paid plans if you want extra features such as advanced feedback tools


Global rank: 215,274 • Category rank: 543

Total visits per month: 235.5K • Most users from: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: 240+

ProductionHUB is a versatile job platform for media production. ProductionHUB allows you to:

  • View crew and vendor leads,
  • Create a profile that showcases your talent (paid feature), and
  • Browse through a comprehensive job board.

How does ProductionHUB work?

No matter whether you’re browsing through crew and vendor leads or film and production jobs, ProductionHUB will allow you to define the production fields you’re an expert in. Simply put, you get to decide on the preferred location of your next job. What’s more, you’ll be able to view a selection of the most recently added jobs.

If you decide to make a profile, you’ll also get access to communicate with clients directly and showcase your portfolio.

ProductionHUB Pros

  • The platform offers a large selection of both part-time and full-time jobs

ProductionHUB Cons

  • The basic profile is free only for the first 30 days


Global rank: 58,652 • Category rank: 67

Total visits per month: 958.2K • Most users from: United Kingdom, United States, Canada

Number of available jobs: 6,500+

Mandy is a community for actors, professionals in the TV, film, and theater business. However, it also features extras, dancers, musicians, and similar professionals.

How does Mandy work?

You can join the network for free — but first, you need to create an account. To create an account, you’ll need to define your profile type, location, and provide basic information. Then, the website owners will give you access to relevant auditions.

Expectedly, you’ll be competing with a large number of similar professionals. So, do your best to make your portfolio stand out. 

Finally, Mandy has its own service directory where you can seek agent representation if you’re new to the industry and want to get fast-tracked to success!

Mandy Pros

  • The platform offers community forum and useful guides

Mandy Cons

  • To be able to apply for paid jobs, you need a premium membership

Stage 32

Global rank: 106,718 • Category rank: 509

Total visits per month: 488.3K • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Number of available jobs: 180+

Stage 32 is a job board for professionals in the TV, theater and movie business. You can find work if you’re a script writer, actor, voiceover artist, photographer, producer, director, gaffer, or more.

How does Stage 32 work?

You can scroll the website just like any other job board. 

What’s more, you get to define search parameters to find what interests you. Some of these parameters include: 

  • Location, 
  • Positions you’re looking for, and 
  • Time they were posted on the website.

Equally important, Stage 32 offers you the opportunity to meet industry experts and peers. This means enrolling in events like conferences, networking events, and informal happenings all year round!

Stage 32 Pros

  • You can create your profile for free

Stage 32 Cons

  • Jobs are US-based

Freelance websites for sales professionals

Well versed in sales etiquette or you just feel like you got the knack of convincing people to do things your way? In that case, check out these best freelance websites aimed especially at (aspiring) sales professionals. 

CommissionCrowd • Bark • Salesforce Jobs • FreeUp


Global rank: 676,271 • Category rank: 99

Total visits per month: 55.6K • Most users from: Czech Republic, India, United States

Number of available jobs: 1,601

CommissionCrowd is a sales network with a job board offering freelance, commission-only jobs in the sales industry. 

How does CommissionCrowd work?

CommissionCrowd allows you to browse the board to look for job opportunities. Moreover, you pay no service fee to the website for the jobs you get hired to do.

To find your best fit, you have to scroll the category list to find what you’re looking for. Each job has a description, location (territory), agent type they’re looking for, as well as the commission percentage. You’ll have to register for a free account to apply to jobs.

CommissionCrowd Pros

  • Top vetted companies and clients

CommissionCrowd Cons

  • There could be more job search options
Commission Crowd

Bark (formerly Bidvine)

Global rank: 21,665 • Category rank: 333

Total visits per month: 3.1M • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Number of available jobs: 36,000+

Bark is a versatile sales network where you can offer all kinds of services to customers in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom,
  • United States,
  • Canada,
  • Ireland, 
  • South Africa, and others.

In other words, you can find everything — from photography lessons to furniture assembly. For example, IKEA furniture assembly is its separate category.

How does Bark work?

You’ll have to sign up for a free account to view the listings. But, once you select your position (like typing in a job titled “wedding planner”) and the location (City of London), you’ll get the exact number of jobs available. You can do this before even signing up for an account.

As for pricing, Bark sends you leads for free at first. However, they charge you north of $5 if you choose to contact the customers who are the right fit for you.

Bark Pros

  • If you don’t get hired from your first pack of credits, this platform will give you the credits back to use again, for free 

Bark Cons

  • You need to pay a fee to contact a lead

Salesforce Jobs

Global rank and category rank: Unavailable because the site is new

Total visits per month: 709.8K • Most users from: United States, India, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: 3,288

Salesforce Jobs is a job marketplace at the Salesforce store where you can browse through job positions currently available to various freelance professionals.

How does Salesforce Jobs work?

When you start browsing through positions, here are some of the parameters you can use to find a good match. Salesforce Jobs allows you to specify your:

  • Skill set (a programming language you know), 
  • Desired job location (anything from Pakistan to Zimbabwe), 
  • Job type (hourly rate or fixed price), and 
  • Job status (open for applicants, in progress, canceled).

You’ll also be able to view when each job was posted. On selecting a job, you’ll get information on the required skills, expected start time, qualifications, and more.

Salesforce Jobs Pros

  • The platform is ripe with job opportunities

Salesforce Jobs Cons

  • You need to apply and pass an interview before you start working

🎓 Clockify Pro Tip

Do you work remotely, but you’re not sure who exactly covers the expenses for the Internet, the work equipment, or the software that you need to use to carry out your work and collaborate with your colleagues? To learn more on this subject, read our blog post and find all the answers you need: 


Global rank: 269,476 • Category rank: 260

Total visits per month: 242.7K • Most users from: Philippines, United States, India

Number of available jobs: 500+

FreeUp is a job marketplace for professionals in the eCommerce and digital marketing business sphere. You’ll have to apply to enter the platform though. In fact, the website states that only 1% of all applicants get in. Again, you’ll have smaller chances of gaining access. Yet, you’ll have scarce competition for available jobs if FreeUp approves your application.

How does FreeUp work?

To apply, you’ll need to fill out a form, and upload your resume and portfolio. 

Next, you’ll receive an invitation to talk about your previous projects, skill set, desired hourly rate, and provide other answers to typical job interview questions.

Apart from that, you’ll have to go through a real-time interview, and pass some tests. Finally, when you gain access, you’ll get to browse through requested projects.

FreeUp Pros

  • There are free monthly webinars to help you build your freelance business

FreeUp Cons

  • The vetting process is rigorous

Freelance websites for writers

Skilled with words but unsure how to make a profit out of it? 

Suppose you’re a copywriter, journalist, or talented in creating alluring fiction. Anyhow, here are some great websites for freelance writers where they can find inspiring writing gigs. To top it off, many offer growth opportunities like learning and advancing in your career.

Scripted • ProBlogger • WriterAccess • Freedom With Writing • Freelance Writing Gigs • Mediabistro • Contena • Kolabtree • All Freelance Writing • Journalism Jobs


Global rank: 465,513 • Category rank: 964

Total visits per month: 86.1K • Most users from: United States, Pakistan, Egypt

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Scripted is one of the best websites for freelance writers where you’ll gain access to a pool of clients. That is, if you pass the necessary tests.

How does Scripted work?

Once you’re in, that is, when you pass the tests, you’ll need to fill out your profile and upload some writing samples that showcase your skills. 

Then, you’ll wait for interested clients to contact you or take a more dynamic approach to finding work. You’ll be able to pick subjects from a list of requested topics or pitch topics directly to clients.

According to Scripted, freelance writers use Scripted as either their main source of income or to earn a little extra money. 

Scripted Pros

  • You can create your own schedule

Scripted Cons

  • It can take a while before you get your first job


Global rank: 111,147 • Category rank: 5,452

Total visits per month: 546.8K • Most users from: United States, India, Kenya

Number of available jobs: 141

ProBlogger’s job board is also a typical job board. You browse through a list of available job positions. After that, you can streamline your search through keywords and a limited set of parameters (location, job type, contract, full-time, and others).

How does ProBlogger work?

Each job has a description listing qualifications, requirements, application rules, as well as a button to apply to the position directly.

Since this is primarily a bloggers’ platform, it gives you plenty of options to learn about blogging. For example, you can access ebooks, podcasts, and courses on writing better, more persuasive blog posts.

ProBlogger Pros

  • There is a wealth of resources for writers

ProBlogger Cons

  • A large amount of people apply

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Although working remotely is becoming increasingly popular, it can be challenging at times. To see what the biggest challenges can be and how to deal with them, we’ve asked 19 experts in remote work to share their experiences with us, so check them out:


Global rank: 193,485 • Category rank: 641

Total visits per month: 238.8K • Most users from: United States, Mexico, Brazil

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

WriterAccess is a matching service meant to connect writers, content strategists, and translators with clients. They’re currently mostly looking for professionals from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries where English is a native language.

How does WriterAccess work?

If you’re accepted, you’ll take a proficiency test, fill out your profile and have an AI match your skills and expertise with the right clients. Also, you’ll be able to partake in writing contests and casting calls.

Your earnings per word depend on your star rating. Finally, you’ll have to pay 30% worth in service fees to the website for all the work you’re hired to do.

All things considered, WriterAccess is one of the most premium websites you can get accepted to work with.

WriterAccess Pros

  • Freelancers can apply for free

WriterAccess Cons

  • The platform takes 30% of your payment as a service fee

Freedom With Writing

Global rank: 299,560 • Category rank: 445

Total visits per month: 180.2K • Most users from: United States, Brazil, Pakistan

Number of available jobs: 80+

Freedom With Writing is a writing market that offers a select number of writing opportunities sent directly to your email on a regular basis.

How does Freedom With Writing work?

The Freedom With Writing staff go through writing gigs currently available online, review them, and select the best ones. You’ll find journalism work, essays and fiction contests, and lists of blogs who pay for guest posts on various subjects.

In addition, the platform, although simple and straightforward, features a blog that comes in handy if you want to get your writing published in popular publications.

Freedom With Writing Pros

  • You can subscribe for free and get free e-books and writing tips

Freedom With Writing Cons

  • Lots of signing up
Freedom With Writing

Freelance Writing Gigs

Global rank: 389,074 • Category rank: 2,280

Total visits per month: 110.4K • Most users from: United States, India, Brazil

Number of available jobs: 60+

Freelance Writing Gigs is similar to Freedom With Writing in a way that they both offer reviewed writing opportunities to its subscribers. However, the difference is that Freelance Writing Gigs offers a list of jobs every weekday.

How does Freelance Writing Gigs work?

The jobs are categorized by job type and all have a location listed (or an indication that it’s remote work). What’s more, most have hourly rates. 

Apart from that, Freelance Writing Gigs helpfully provides resources to writers. Some of these include tips on job hunting, business, writing, online portfolio, and much more. To top it off, they offer additional resources that you can download!

Freelance Writing Gigs Pros

  • You can filter listings by category, keyword, or location

Freelance Writing Gigs Cons

  • The website could be more intuitive


Global rank: 257,997 • Category rank: 1,087

Total visits per month: 221.2K • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, India

Number of available jobs: 2,100+

Mediabistro offers a straightforward job searching experience. 

How does Mediabistro work?

Simply put, you select a desired job category (writing, editing, marketing, creative) or enter your desired job title — and search.

You’re then taken to a typical job board where you can further refine your search. There, you’ll find the desired role, specialty, location, duration, salary range, and much more. Alternatively, you can scroll through the list of jobs, offered by companies such as CNN, FoxNews, CNBC, Dow Jones, and others.

To apply to a position, you’ll first need to upload your resume and portfolio, as well as provide your basic information.

Apart from all this, the platform features a bunch of articles and resources to help you get your career off the ground!

Mediabistro Pros

  • You can create job alerts 

Mediabistro Cons

  • Most of the jobs are full-time


Global rank: 400,391 • Category rank: 1,297

Total visits per month: 86.9K • Most users from: United States, Canada, India

Number of available jobs: 450

Contena offers a number of writing jobs you can directly apply to when you create an account. Similarly, most of the work is paid on a monthly basis.

How does Contena work?

Here’s how the screening process works: 

  • First you create a profile and submit an application,
  • Then you get an invitation to the platform from Contena’s staff, and
  • Finally, you activate your account and join the job hunt.

On the platform, you’ll find a number of interesting positions (categorized by type and ordered by the date it was posted). Listings include roles such as social media editor, chatbot content writer, celebrity news writer, travel editor, and more.

Finally, Contena takes care of your training during the onboarding process. So, you’ll have little to worry about getting a hold of the work application environment!

Contena Pros

  • Freelancers get access to a massive database of companies

Contena Cons

  • There’s no free trial


Global rank: 250,122 • Category rank: 577

Total visits per month: 150.4K • Most users from: United States, India, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: 480 

Kolabtree is a freelance platform where you can find scientific and academic work. There’s a fair number of writing jobs you can look into. Some of these include research proposals, writing report results, technical blog posts, scientific ebooks, and similar projects.

How does Kolabtree work?

Unlike most other freelance writing platforms, Kolabtree focuses more on academic-oriented projects.

To apply to a position, you’ll need to submit a proposal. Likewise, each job has an approximate budget already listed, so you can start from there. 

If the client likes your proposal, you’ll get an invite to a private discussion. During the chat, you’ll go over the additional details and deadlines. If this discussion goes well, you’re likely to get the job.

Kolabtree Pros

  • The platform offers freelancer protection guarantee

Kolabtree Cons

  • The platform takes 20% commission

All Freelance Writing

Global rank: 1,278,151 • Category rank: 1,981

Total visits per month: 25.6K • Most users from: United States, Nigeria, India

Number of available jobs: 60+

All Freelance Writing lets clients post jobs that stay up during the course of 30 days. In other words, you’ll get to scroll available job positions and make your picks at your convenience.

How does All Freelance Writing work?

This website offers various types of writing work. Some of these include political blogging, lifestyle writing, and real estate blogging. Helpfully, you can view the client’s budget for the project — with indication whether the total budget is low.

As part of their resources section, you can find a rate calculator, podcasts, and ebooks.

All Freelance Writing Pros

  • You can subscribe for blog updates and job leads

All Freelance Writing Cons

  • If you want to post your writer profile, you need to pay $24.95

🎓 Clockify Pro Tip

If you’re at the beginning of your freelancing career and don’t know much about how you can expand your client base or sell yourself better, here are some useful tips and strategies you can use to earn more:

Journalism Jobs

Global rank: 423,055 • Category rank: 882

Total visits per month: 84.3K • Most users from: United States, Thailand, Canada

Number of available jobs: 320+

With Journalism Jobs, you’ll get a listicle view of all currently available jobs in the field of journalism. 

How does Journalism Jobs work?

Simply put, you’ll get to scroll the board manually, refine your search through parameters (industry, location, date posted, job type), or subscribe to daily job alerts.

You’ll be able to apply to jobs directly, but also share, save, or print jobs you like. 

Finally, their resource section has information on awards, contests, career advice, and journalism schools. So, it may be worth checking those out while you search for jobs!

Journalism Jobs Pros

  • The platform offers a career advice section

Journalism Jobs Cons

  • This website is smaller than other job boards, so some clients may choose to post their job positions elsewhere

Freelance websites for photographers

Wedding photos, artistic images, and savoring memories from the latest cruise around the Caribbean are all the rage nowadays. So, it’s relatively easy to find work as a photographer, when you know where to look.

The Creative Loft • Cruise Ship Jobs • Splento • Creative Jobs Central

The Creative Loft

Global rank: 7,645,261 • Category rank: 10,659

Total visits per month: 500 • Most users from: Unavailable due to a small number of visitors

Number of available jobs: 14,775

The Creative Loft is another extensive job board for US photographers, and you’ll have more parameters to help you refine your search. 

How does The Creative Loft work?

On the platform, you’ll be able to select your desired:

  • US state and city, 
  • Job type (freelance, part-time), 
  • Occupation (photographer, assistant), and
  • Fields (studio, portrait, wedding). 

The jobs are also reviewed for authenticity before being posted. So, this will increase your chances of landing quality work.

You’ll be able to browse the job board without creating an account. But you’ll have to register for one to view full postings and access the website’s search engine.

The Creative Loft Pros

  • There are several categories to find work in fashion, photography, event planning, etc.

The Creative Loft Cons

  • You have to pay a membership fee if you want to see job listings
The Creative Loft

Cruise Ship Jobs

Global rank: 451,496 • Category rank: 3,723

Total visits per month: 71K • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, Canada 

Number of available jobs: 1,400

You can even land a photographer job if you cruise (get it?) through a website offering cruise ship jobs. But first, you’ll need to register for an account to apply to photography jobs on this website. 

How does Cruise Ship Jobs work?

If you get hired, the pay is substantial — $1,800-$2,800 per month. Also, you’ll get interesting work “scenery” and plenty of chances to travel to exciting places. 

The job profiles usually include photo managers, photographers, videographers, and similar positions.

Interestingly, the platform features a premium job seeker package. As part of it, you have to pay $49 to get exclusive access to cruise industry jobs.

Cruise Ship Jobs Pros

  • You can see position descriptions, requirements, and salaries

Cruise Ship Jobs Cons

  • If you want to appear at the top of employers search results, you need to pay the Premium package fee


Global rank: 624,723 • Category rank: 564

Total visits per month: 84K • Most users from: United Kingdom, India, United States

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Splento is a London-based photography company that connects a network of freelance photographers of many different styles and locations. 

Their services include photography and video services, so whether you’re an event photographer, food photographer, or specialize in property videos or aerial filming, you can find work through Splento.

How does Splento work?

To join their community of photographers and start working, first, you need to submit your application with your personal information, equipment that you’re working with, rates, and specialisation(s).

Once your application is approved, you’ll get a notification when you’re matched with a client. Splento books a shooting session, and after that, you upload the files from the session and get paid.

Freelancers get matched with clients based on their:

  • Location, 
  • Availability, and 
  • Specialisation through Splento’s automated matching system. 

In other words, you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding the right client on your own.

You also get your own portfolio on their website, so clients can see your information details and some of your photographs in advance.

Splento Pros

  • A wide variety of clients and a supportive community of freelance photographers

Splento Cons

  • Splento only accepts highly experienced photographers

Creative Jobs Central

Global rank: 3,558,766 • Category rank: 1,273

Total visits per month: 10.5K • Most users from: Egypt, Morocco, United States

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Creative Jobs Central is a job search website for creatives such as photo editors, photographers, photojournalists, and similar. This platform provides job seekers with quick access to a great number of listings from reputable companies, whether they want to work part-time or full-time.

How does Creative Jobs Central work?

This platform offers various job opportunities, depending on what you’re looking for and your experience. Some of the most popular jobs for photographers include:

  • Wedding photographers and videographers,
  • Real estate photographers,
  • Event photographers, and more.

First, you need to create an account to be able to join. You can then actively apply to positions that interest you and use their user-friendly sorting tools to find the job that suits your needs the best.

You can also get email notifications when new job positions open, use their resources such as useful articles to learn more about freelancing and photography, and upload your resume.

Creative Jobs Central offers a lot of search options, so you can search for jobs by:

  • Country, 
  • City, 
  • Industry, 
  • Category, and 
  • Experience needed. 

You also get direct feedback from companies and notifications whenever an employer reads your resume.

Creative Jobs Central Pros

  • Freelancers get valuable connections to reputable companies

Creative Jobs Central Cons

  • This platform mainly specializes in job postings in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia

Freelance websites for data entry

Data entry may not be the most glamorous of jobs. Yet, it’s still a nice option for newbie freelancers who like tackling micro-tasks. Luckily, some specific websites provide just that type of work.

MTurk • Clickworker • Microworkers • Crowdtap


Global rank: 17,868 • Category rank: 81

Total visits per month: 1.7M • Most users from: United States, Brazil, India

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

MTurk is an Amazon-based crowdsource marketplace where you can offer your services. Some of your skills need to be in moderating content, performing research, or data duplication. 

However, “requesters” want to get other microtasks done as well. For your information, “requester” is a term for an employer on MTurk.

How does MTurk work?

To register, you’ll have to sign up for an account in order to become eligible for job opportunities at MTurk. 

Then, you’ll get to work on microtasks, either through an integrated API or through a friendly interface. But, don’t let the easy application process fool you — many freelancers or microworkers don’t get in!

MTurk Pros

  • Flexible work 

MTurk Cons

  • Your application has to be accepted 
mTurk Amazon


Global rank: 32,279 • Category rank: 25

Total visits per month: 1.7M • Most users from: India, United States, Pakistan

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Clickworker is a straightforward freelancer platform where you can perform and be paid for a number of microtasks. 

Some of these include: 

  • Survey participation, 
  • Correcting texts, 
  • Categorizing data, 
  • Research tasks, and similar.

How does Clickworker work?

Clickworker offers a classic freelance approach. In other words, you’ll have a flexible schedule and work independently. 

To apply, you’ll need to create a user profile and complete short assessments. Finally, you’ll have appropriate microtasks sent directly to you. 

Unlike many other platforms, there are no serious technical requirements to start working. A basic requirement is  that you have a computer.

Clickworker Pros

  • You can sign up as a Clickworker free of charge

Clickworker Cons

  • Your work can be rejected without any explanation

🎓 Clockify Pro Tip

Are you still looking for the right freelance apps to help you do your freelance work more effectively? To ease your search, we’ve selected 26 best apps for freelancers, so check them out:


Global rank: 48,440 • Category rank: 13

Total visits per month: 863K • Most users from: Algeria, Bangladesh, United States

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Microworkers is a platform with small tasks that you can complete if you’re a student, retired person, stay-at-home parent, or a professional. 

How does Microworkers work?

Out of the jobs available, you can choose tasks ranging from writing short articles, liking YouTube videos, or clicking on web pages. But you can also find other, more complex jobs — although the platform is rather difficult to navigate due to an outdated interface.

To join Microworkers, you need to verify your identity by submitting:

  • A copy of your passport or ID,
  • Phone number, and
  • Email address.

Once you get in, you’ll see that the availability of jobs depends on the region, with some countries having more gigs than others.

Microworkers Pros

  • Many microjobs pay better than on MTurk and comparative platforms

Microworkers Cons

  • Transferring your earnings from Microworkers to your designated account can take weeks


Global rank: 40,894 • Category rank: 78

Total visits per month: 1.8B • Most users from: United States, Colombia, Canada

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Crowdtap is one of the most popular microjobs websites. On the platform, you can find jobs like:

  • Completing surveys, 
  • Reviewing sample products, and 
  • Performing similar data entry gigs.

How does Crowdtap work?

It’s fairly easy to join the community, as you can sign up using a Facebook account or email address. In addition, the platform prompts you to insert your:

  • Full name, 
  • ZIP code,
  • City,
  • State,
  • Gender, and
  • Birth date.

Job-seekers outside the US can’t access the website. But, those who get on board can get gift cards worth $5 per every 1,000 points they earn by completing tasks.

Crowdtap Pros

  • Teens older than 13 can also join the platform

Crowdtap Cons

  • The platform doesn’t pay in cash, only gift cards

Freelance websites for virtual assistants

As the number of jobs that can be performed remotely increases, so does the need for virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is a person who performs technical, administrative, or creative tasks for clients anywhere in the world — but from the comfort of their home. 

Here’s where you can apply or look for work in this branche!

Time etc • Boldly • Fancy Hands • Belay • Zirtual • HelloRache • VA Networking

Time etc

Global rank: 524,535 • Category rank: 1,267

Total visits per month: 51K • Most users from: United States, Pakistan, Ghana

Number of available jobs: 20,000+

Time etc essentially offers work to personal, executive, and admin assistants, as well as secretaries.

How does Time etc work?

If you pass the application process, you’ll work at least 3 hours between Monday and Friday from home. The initial pay rates start at between $13 and $17 per hour. As your time on the platform accumulates, you’ll see an uptick in your earnings.

To apply, you’ll need to have some commercial experience (2-3 years). So, this website isn’t the best option for newbies. However, it’s a great side business for those somewhat versed in providing virtual assistance.

Time etc Pros

  • You can work from home and choose your own hours

Time etc Cons

  • The platform is for US-based freelancers


Global rank: 648,828 • Category rank: 1,866

Total visits per month: 62.8K • Most users from: United States, Philippines, India

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Boldly is a matching service and virtual assistant platform for where you’ll be able to find a steady stream of work. 

How does Boldly work?

First, you have to pass the screening process. After that, you’ll have the freedom to decide how much and with whom you work. 

This platform is more exclusive, but you’ll gain access to some high-end clients and quality work.

Boldly Pros

  • Top-tier clients

Boldly Cons

  • The platform is more suitable for seasoned professionals

Fancy Hands

Global rank: 391,000 • Category rank: 1,424

Total visits per month: 104.7K • Most users from: United States, Netherlands, Germany

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Fancy Hands is a typical job platform where you can find freelance virtual tasks. Some of these include: 

  • Making phone calls, 
  • Conducting online research, and 
  • Performing data entry. 

Additionally, a curated number of managerial positions is also available.

How does Fancy Hands work?

All work is parsed by tasks, and each task holds a certain amount you can earn. At any rate, if you’re good with internet research and have a fast internet connection — Fancy Hands could benefit you in your job search.

Fancy Hands Pros

  • You can take on as many tasks you can complete in a day

Fancy Hands Cons

  • The platform is for US-based freelancers/virtual assistants


Global rank: 303,683 • Category rank: 1,353

Total visits per month: 155.7K • Most users from: United States, Philippines, India

Number of available jobs: 1,099

Belay is a job platform where you can find remote, part-time positions for virtual assistants, web specialists, bookkeepers, and social media managers.

How does Belay work?

You get to determine your own work hours (though the minimum per week is 10 hours). As we’ve seen with other platforms, here too you’ll just need to pass an email and video interview.

This website is perfect if you’re looking to build a career in virtual assistance. The reason is that you’ll get full-time work, but perhaps not suitable for newbies, as the training resources are limited. However, Belay does have plenty of resources, like guides, courses, and ebooks.

Belay Pros

  • The platform offers remote positions and flexibility

Belay Cons

  • There is an exhaustive recruiting process


Global rank: 491,857 • Category rank: 3,331

Total visits per month: 84.9K  • Most users from: United States, Iran, Kenya

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

If you’re US-based and looking for full-time opportunities, then Zirtual is worth checking out. On the platform, you’ll get a chance to provide virtual assistance to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other similar professionals.

How does Zirtual work?

Tasks include inbox management, expense and invoicing, data entry, property management, booking flights, various personal tasks, and more.

Zirtual is limited in the number of virtual positions available. Still, we suggest checking them out periodically, as they even offer employee benefits to their freelancers. 

Finally, it’s wise to note that the platform gets around 1,000 applications per month. However, they hire the top 2% college-educated applicants from the US.

Zirtual Pros

  • Flexibility and work-life balance

Zirtual Cons

  • The platform is only for college educated and US-based virtual assistants

🎓 Clockify Pro Tip

As working as a virtual assistant requires good organization and time management, keeping track of your time is essential. To see how Clockify helps virtual assistants working for Upsource track time, check out what Caroline, the founder of Upsource, had to say about the benefits of using Clockify time tracker in the interview below:


Global rank: 764,782 • Category rank: 124

Total visits per month: 52.1K • Most users from: Philippines, United States, Bolivia

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

HelloRache is a US-based company offering virtual assistant jobs in the healthcare industry.

How does HelloRache work?

Medical professionals with the right degree and certification can apply to carry out various jobs. Some of the work includes:

  • Communicating and interacting with patients, 
  • Gathering medical insurance information, 
  • Updating patient’s chart records, 
  • Handling various administrative tasks, and more.

Apart from healthcare virtual assistants, HelloRache offers job opportunities for veterinary and dental VAs. 

To apply, you need to have a stable internet connection, be a graduate of the health profession in question, and enroll in the platform’s training program.

HelloRache Pros

  • The platform provides free training

HelloRache Cons

  • Every HelloRache applicant is rigorously tested and vetted

VA Networking

Global rank: 1,727,371 • Category rank: 6,072

Total visits per month: 15.4K • Most users from: United States, Pakistan, Philippines

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

VA Networking is a networking community for virtual assistants. On the platform, VAs just starting out can find great advice and resources. Apart from that, they get access to a job board with the latest industry opportunities.

How does VA Networking work?

It’s free to sign up. In fact, you gain access to a community forum, informative videos, ebooks, checklists, and other useful resources. Moreover, VA Networking helps you create your own professional website to stand out!

VA Networking Pros

  • The platform offers training and coaching

VA Networking Cons

  • You compete with other freelancers who may charge lower rates than you do
VA Networking

Freelance websites for tutors

If you’re looking to pass on your knowledge of math, science, physics, or foreign languages to students, here’s where to look.

Tutor.com • TutorEye • Udemy • Skooli 


Global rank: 81,183 • Category rank: 488

Total visits per month: 681.5K • Most users from: United States, Colombia, Philippines

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Tutor.com offers part-time tutoring jobs in multiple subject sections (math, social studies, foreign language, AP support, science, and others). What’s more, you can teach over 40 subjects (geometry, essay writing, world history, and so on).

How does Tutor.com work?

To enter this tutoring community, you’ll need to:

  • Take an exam in the subject you want to teach, 
  • Hold a mock lesson, and
  • Have your educational background checked.

If you’re satisfactory on all levels, you can start tutoring. Apart from that, newbie tutors can access plenty of resources and guidance from experienced tutors. Finally, the platform claims their tutors report 95% satisfaction performing tasks on Tutor.com. 

Tutor.com Pros

  • You can create your own schedule that fits your needs

Tutor.com Cons

  • Tutors have to reside in the US

🎓 Clockify Pro Tip

If you’re a student or a teacher and want to find out why time tracking is important and how you can track your or your students’ time better, read our blog post on this subject:


Global rank: 970,762 • Category rank: 7,018

Total visits per month: 35.6K • Most users from: United States, India, Philippines

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

TutorEye is another tutoring platform where you can teach physics, chemistry, science, algebra, literature, precalculus, and biology. Of course, other subjects are also available and they’re all online. 

How does TutorEye work?

If you pass the application process, you’ll get to conduct one-to-one teaching sessions in an interactive online classroom. The process entails the platform verifying your application, onboarding you, and letting you set your availability.

As a tutor, you’ll offer help with homework and other study requests by students from throughout the world.

TutorEye Pros

  • Flexible working hours

TutorEye Cons

  • There is an approval process


Global rank: 381 • Category rank: 17

Total visits per month: 102.7M • Most users from: United States, India, Brazil

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform where you can advertise your teaching courses in many fields. 

Some of these include: 

  • Development, 
  • Design, 
  • IT and software, 
  • Personal development, 
  • Marketing, and much more. 

Interestingly, you can offer your expertise in any language you’re fluent in.

How does Udemy work?

To become an instructor, you’ll need to plan your course and record a video showing a preview of what you’ll teach. If you’re unsure of how to structure your classes, there’s even a free Udemy course on how to structure a course.

If you have any doubts about starting out, Udemy’s Instructor Support Team can answer your questions and review your test video. Finally and a bit discouragingly, the platform takes 50% of your sales proceeds as a commission. However, considering that you’ll get access to almost 60 million students worldwide, it’s worth the effort!

Udemy Pros

  • The platform offers a supportive online community

Udemy Cons

  • The platform takes 50% of your sales proceeds as a commission

🎓 Clockify Pro Tip

Studying and staying productive while doing so is not an easy task. To learn more about how you can be better organized and stay productive at all times, here are some helpful tips:


Global rank: 649,960 • Category rank: 13,493

Total visits per month: 40K • Most users from: United States, India, Canada

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Skooli offers a tutoring platform for both online and in-person tutoring in elementary, middle school, highschool, and college subjects.

How does Skooli work?

To start teaching at Skooli, you’ll need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree (though a Master’s degree or PhD is favorable). 

Apart from that, the platform requires a teaching certification, and a provincial or state teaching license. 

Thirdly, if you’re teaching a language, you’ll need the necessary language certifications. 

This is how the application process works:

  • Apply as a tutor on the platform,
  • Stay put until the website approves your application,
  • Get familiar with the platform,
  • Set your schedule and availability, and
  • Start tutoring!

Your hourly rate will depend on your qualification and experience.

Skooli Pros

  • Skooli offers a competitive hourly rate

Skooli Cons

  • You need to provide certain teaching certifications or proof of education

Freelance websites for translators

If you have an excellent command of two or more languages, check out these websites looking for translators, interpreters, and other language specialists. What’s more, bonus points if you know a rare language.

Unbabel • TranslatorsCafe • TRADUguide • Proz • TranslatorsBase • Gengo


Global rank: 126,975 • Category rank: 1

Total visits per month: 317.3K • Most users from: Suriname, Canada, Italy

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Unbabel is a translation platform for reviewing and improving translations. The initial translations are carried out through AI. Then, you’re the human link making sure the text sounds natural and contextually accurate.

How does Unbabel work?

To tackle available translation tasks, you’ll first need to check whether the languages you’re proficient in are available. Only one language professional is required per language pair, so the competition is stiff.

If you’ve found your match, you’ll need to take a proficiency test. Once you’ve passed this, you’ll gain access to a translation platform with all tasks suitable for your language pair — complete with guidelines and other information.

Unbabel Pros

  • Their team will contact you when they have openings for your language pair

Unbabel Cons

  • You have to pass a translation exam


Global rank: 44,052 • Category rank: 26

Total visits per month: 2M • Most users from: Russia, Germany, Ukraine

Number of available jobs: 200

TranslatorsCafe is a translator community which offers a comprehensive job board with a bidding system. 

How does TranslatorsCafe work?

For each translation, proofreading, or interpreting job, you’ll see its language pair and time when it was posted.

The language pairs are various. In fact, you’ll find work if you’re fluent in French, Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, Danish, Hindi, Japanese, etc.

When you enter the job’s description, you’ll see how many times the job was viewed. More importantly, you’ll see how many people bid on it so far, before making your own offer. Considering this is a translator community, you’ll also have access to various useful resources, such as glossaries.

TranslatorsCafe Pros

  • The registration is free

TranslatorsCafe Cons

  • If you want to receive high exposure and top placement in the search results, you need to pay the Master membership fee


Global rank: 1,324,213 • Category rank: 3,753

Total visits per month: 30K • Most users from: Canada, Germany, Tunisia

Number of available jobs: 56

TRADUguide offers another straightforward job board with a bidding system. You can browse through the available jobs by date posted, or language pair. 

How does TRADUguide work?

Each job has its number of already made offers listed, and you’ll also be able to view what projects are currently closed for bidding.

The language pairs are versatile. This means you’ll get a chance to work on projects requiring:

  • Korean < > Chinese, 
  • German < > English, 
  • Romanian < > Hungarian, 
  • Latin < > German, and many more.

Once you see something that fits your skills, you can send your quote directly from the website. 

If you want to up your translation game, TRADUguide requests €59 to give you priority access for 12 months. In turn, this allows you to quote right away on projects only available to premium members.

TRADUguide Pros

  • Search options to find the job by date of the job posting, language pair, or job status

TRADUguide Cons

  • For better exposure and prices, you need to pay the Featured membership fee


Global rank: 22,094 • Category rank: 310

Total visits per month: 3.5M • Most users from: United States, Spain, Brazil

Number of available jobs: 902

ProZ offers an extensive job-board with the latest offerings in translation jobs. For example, language pairs include Spanish to French, English to Norwegian, German to French, and many others.

How does ProZ work?

You can view project specs before submitting your own estimation. Some of these specifications include:

  • Word count, 
  • Document type, 
  • Requirements, 
  • Time left to submit quote, and
  • The number of people who already submitted quotes.

You’ll also be able to view the client’s rating showing how likely they are to provide repeat work. 

However, some jobs are only available to website’s members. This means you’ll need to subscribe by paying $120 or $180 for the Standard and Plus plans respectively to get the better jobs.

ProZ Pros

  • You can register for free

ProZ Cons

  • To be able to access the restricted job postings, you need to pay the  Professional membership fee


Global rank: 1,445,262 • Category rank: 550

Total visits per month: 18K • Most users from: Thailand, Jordan, United States

Number of available jobs: 131

TranslatorsBase is a straightforward job board with various language pairs. Some of these include English—Arabic, Bulgarian—German, Spanish—Estonian, and many others. 

How does TranslatorsBase work?

The range of jobs you can choose from entail anything from:

  • Translating CV documents,
  • Learning modules,
  • Books,
  • Videos and audio transcripts.

You can browse through jobs manually or search by specific source and target language and type of project. This platform is free to use, but it also offers paid membership.

TranslatorsBase Pros

  • You can create an account for free

TranslatorsBase Cons

  • To be able to keep track of messages from potential clients and receive feedback, you need to get full paid membership


Global rank: 63,117 • Category rank: 1,270

Total visits per month: 672.5K • Most users from: United States, Colombia, Brazil

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Gengo is an exclusive translation platform where it’s difficult to get in. But, if you do, you’ll get to enjoy a number of great benefits.

How does Gengo work?

With this platform, you’ll be able to choose your own projects and clients, partake in the website’s forum, as well as make use of innovative translator technology and other resources. With more than 65,000 customers, Gengo is a great place to get quality gigs. 

To get a better sense of what you’ll be doing on the platform, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Translate product descriptions, social media posts, and guides,
  • Proofread existing content, and
  • Subtitle enterprise-level documents.

Gengo Pros

  • Gengo is an easy-to-use translation service platform

Gengo Cons

  • You have to pass their translation tests if you want to apply for jobs

Freelance websites for software QA testers

Some freelance jobs are more interesting than others. We nominate software tester jobs as one of the most engaging ones! These gigs allow you to tinker, explore, and find things that you don’t like about new or existing websites.

Apart from that, you also help developers and designers create a better user experience when you test their websites.

On the flip side, the platforms we’ll cover in this section typically require that you have previous experience if you want to land top clients.

Without further ado, let’s check out a few that caught our eye!

Testlio • UserFeel • UserTesting 


Global rank: 140,286 • Category rank: 865

Total visits per month: 279.7K • Most users from: Vietnam, Belize, Panama

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

An exclusive community of software testers, Testlio requires that you apply to become a part of their network before landing a job. With an eNPS job satisfaction score of 62, it’s one of the best environments to thrive as a software tester.

How does Testlio work?

Besides a passion for testing and knowledge of test management tools, you’ll also need to have the ability to think and act like an end user. But before getting accepted into the community, you’ll first need to earn at least one capability-specific skill certification on Testlio.

As for other job requirements, Testlio suggests that their average software testers have:

  • Three mobile phones,
  • A tablet and desktop computer,
  • A gaming device,
  • Two connected devices, and
  • A wearable device.

So, these are a few things to keep in mind before applying!

Testlio Pros

  • The platform offers Resource Library for freelancers/QA testers

Testlio Cons

  • Software testers are carefully vetted, so it can be hard to get in


Global rank: 148,904 • Category rank: 674

Total visits per month: 321.1K • Most users from: United States, Mexico, India

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

With much more lenient entry rules than the previous platform, UserFeel allows you to earn between $3 and $30 per test. 

How does UserFeel work?

To get started, you’ll need a Mac or Windows computer, mobile phone, or tablet. However, you’ll also have to register and take their qualification test.

As expected, you must be fluent in the language the test is in. So, be careful when filling in your profile on UserFeel. There, the platform prompts you to enter your skills and preferred languages.

Finally, the amount of work you’ll get depends on the quality of your completed tasks. 

In that sense, the website repeatedly mentions that you must uphold all rules. These include speaking out loud while performing the test, ensuring your environment is quiet, and uploading the video to the UserFeel website. But, of course, these are only some of the guidelines you’ll need to follow!

UserFeel Pros

  • The platform offers useful training

UserFeel Cons

  • Your ratings are partly based on your qualification test


Global rank: 22,088 • Category rank: 23

Total visits per month: 3.3M • Most users from: United States, India, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

UserTesting claims they cater to the needs of the best-in-class companies. The platform adds that organizations worldwide rely on them to gain insights into their products.

How does UserTesting work?

As with other services of this kind, UserTesting has an enrollment process. Here’s an overview of how it looks:

  • Submit your email address and take a quick practice test,
  • Answer screening questions to find the best test opportunities,
  • Share your perspective by doing the actual test, and finally
  • Get paid!

Finally, UserTesting pays their freelancers seven days after test completion.

UserTesting Pros

  • The platform doesn’t withhold any taxes from your payments

UserTesting Cons

  • They urge website testers against using Xiaomi devices

Local freelance jobs

Remote work with clients all over the world is rewarding. But sometimes you’re just looking for something local — and here’s where you should look.

TaskRabbit • Uber • Gigwalk • Thumbtack


Global rank: 29,461 • Category rank: 75

Total visits per month: 1.8M • Most users from: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

TaskRabbit is a Europe and North America-based marketplace where you can apply to become a “Tasker.” In other words, you can gain access to a number of different (mostly physical) jobs in your neighborhood or city.

How does TaskRabbit work?

To attract clients on TaskRabbit, you should create a profile, and define your skills and price. Available work includes furniture assembly, heavy lifting, and home improvement, among others. 

If you prove your worth over the years, you can even become an Elite Tasker. That is to say, you get more and better gigs with an approval rating of 98% or more.

TaskRabbit Pros

  • You can set your own rates

TaskRabbit Cons

  • Taskers have to be located in the city where the tasks are


Global rank: 805 • Category rank: 1

Total visits per month: 59.6M • Most users from: United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

You can get a ride with Uber. But, did you know you can easily apply to become an Uber driver?

How does Uber work?

You’ll be able to set your own schedule, take on rides when it’s convenient for you, and get paid on a weekly basis. But before that, you’ll have to meet certain requirements, like:

  • Being at least 21 years old, 
  • Having at least a one-year old license (or three, if you’re 23), and 
  • Having access to a 4-door vehicle 10 years old or newer, among other requirements.

With more than 10,000 cities enrolled in Uber’s program, make sure to check if your city is part of it.

Uber Pros

  • Both full-time and part-time driver jobs

Uber Cons

  • As a driver, you’re responsible for all of the costs that you encounter while providing a service


Global rank: 474,911 • Category rank: 2,768

Total visits per month: 122K • Most users from: United States, India, Netherlands

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Gigwalk is a web platform and app that focuses on local jobs in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Gigwalk offers jobs in:

  • Website and mobile app testing, 
  • Restaurants and related services, 
  • Real estate, and many other industries.

How does Gigwalk work?

The process to join Gigwalk is straightforward, as you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the Gigwalk app,
  • Register your account on the app,
  • Link your PayPal account, and
  • Find and complete jobs in your area.

When the website owners approve your application, you can choose from gigs that take from 5 minutes to many hours. In other words, you can get paid from $3 to $100 to $500, or more per task.

Gigwalk Pros

  • The Gigwalk app matches Gigwalkers (their name for freelancers) to customers

Gigwalk Cons

  • It’s unclear how long the application process takes


Global rank: 9,127 • Category rank: 17

Total visits per month: 6.7M • Most users from: United States, Philippines, Tunisia

Number of available jobs: Registration needed for more info

Thumbtack is a home services company that offers local jobs for handymen, electricians, plumbers, and many others in the service economy. Thumbtack is exclusively available in the United States.

How does Thumbtack work?

As with other similar platforms, you first need to:

  • Download their app and fill out the necessary information, and
  • Populate your profile with a photo and review of your services.

After you’re done with these two steps, you can meet customers on Thumbtack directly — that is, after you pay for leads to the platform. Depending on the services and customer, the leads can cost anywhere north of $10.

As a pro (their name for freelancers), you get to set your prices but you also need to be careful as customers can compare different pricing.

Thumbtack Pros

  • Thumbtack is available in all 50 US states

Thumbtack Cons

  • Not every lead you pay for as a Thumbtack pro gets you clients
WebsiteTypePopular inJobsRating
PeoplePerHourGeneralPakistan (14%)1,569★★★
UpworkGeneralUS (21%)74,000+★★★
The MuseGeneralUS (51%)10,000+★★★
FlexJobsGeneralUS (56%)23,426★★
Working NomadsGeneralUS (13%)32,563★★
SolidGigsGeneralUS (27%)200+
NexxtGeneralUS (97%)1,017,819★★
SkipTheDriveGeneralUS (28%)700★★
ToptalGeneralUS (16%)N/A★★★
RemotiveGeneralUS (15%)100,000+
TwineGeneralIndia (100%)N/A
LinkedIn JobsGeneralUS (30%)3,000,000★★★
Wellfound (formerly Angel List) GeneralUS (33%)130,000+
Virtual VocationsGeneralUS (45%)12,450+★★
GuruGeneralIndia (27%)1,779★★★
MonsterGeneralUS (64%)1,000,000+★★★
DiceGeneralUS (72%)62,648★★
IndeedGeneralUS (44%)800,000★★★
ZipRecruiterGeneralUS (90%)9,000,000+★★
KropGeneralUS (29%)150+★★
CareerBuilderGeneralUS (92%)2,000,000+★★★
SimplyHiredGeneralUS (76%)1,800,000+★★★
Freelance DirectoryGeneralUK (55%)140
FreelancerGeneralIndia (18%)16,049★★★
ServiceScapeGeneralUS (36%)N/A
CultjobsGeneralSingapore (92%)550+★★
CraigslistGeneralUS (98%)3,000+★★
RedditGeneralUS (47%)N/A
Europe Language JobsGeneralBrazil (8%)2,000+★★
JoobleGeneralPoland (12%)744,400★★★
Hubstaff TalentGeneralPhilippines (16%)552★★★
JustRemoteGeneralUS (17%)1,560+★★
XPlaceBeginnersIsrael (87%)2,650+★★
HireableBeginnersUS (38%)N/A★★
We Work RemotelyBeginnersUS (19%)29,590★★
TruelancerBeginnersIndia (45%)3,000+★★
FreelancedBeginnersUS (62%)60+
College RecruiterBeginnersUS (75%)124,432★★
FiverrBeginnersUS (22%)3,000,000+★★
Scalable PathDevelopersBrazil (13%)500+
Gun.ioDevelopersUS (24%)N/A
PowerToFlyDevelopersUS (47%)44,863★★
CodeableDevelopersUS (35%)N/A
Webflow ExpertsDevelopersUS (16%)N/A★★
99designsDesignersUS (18%)N/A★★★
DesignHillDesignersUS (18%)13,000+★★
DesignCrowdDesignersIndia (26%)273★★
BehanceDesignersIndia (9%)125★★★
ArtWantedDesignersCanada (65%)N/A
SquadHelpDesignersUS (18%)136★★
DribbbleDesignersUS (11%)350+★★★
YunoJunoDesignersUK (63%)N/A
FolyoDesignersIndia (22%)N/A★★
CoroflotDesignersUS (26%)149★★
GraphicriverDesignersUS (17%)2,000,000
DesignBroDesignersUS (18%)N/A
CrowdSpringDesignersIndonesia (18%)N/A
BrandCrowdDesignersUS (23%)NA
Working Not WorkingDesignersUS (51%)300+
MyFontsDesignersUS (16%)N/A
AssembleMedia ProductionUS (66%)N/A★★
ProductionHUBMedia ProductionUS (79%)240+★★
MandyMedia ProductionUK (56%)6,500★★★
Stage 32Media ProductionUS (54%)180+★★
CommissionCrowdSales ProfessionalsCzech Republic (33%)1,601
Bark (formerly Bidvine)Sales ProfessionalsUS (36%)36,000+
Salesforce JobsSales ProfessionalsUS (45%)3,288★★★
FreeUpSales ProfessionalsPhilippines (37%)500+
ScriptedWritersUS (29%)N/A★★
ProBloggerWritersUS (36%)141★★★
WriterAccessWritersUS (71%)N/A
Freedom With WritingWritersUS (55%)80+★★★
Freelance Writing GigsWritersUS (44%)60+
MediabistroWritersUS (56%)2,100+★★★
ContenaWritersUS (63%)450★★
KolabtreeWritersUS (18%)480★★
All Freelance JobsWritersUS (38%)60+
Journalism JobsWritersUS (96%)320+★★
The Creative LoftPhotographersN/A14,775★★
Cruise Ship JobsPhotographersUS (20%)1,400★★
SplentoPhotographersUK (18%)N/A★★
Creative Jobs CentralPhotographersEgypt (44%)N/A★★
MTurkData EntryUS (67%)N/A★★★
ClickworkerData EntryIndia (13%)N/A★★
MicroworkersData EntryAlgeria (15%)N/A
CrowdtapData EntryUS (91%)N/A★★
Time etcVirtual AssistantsUS (69%)20,000+★★
BoldlyVirtual AssistantsUS (72%)N/A★★
Fancy HandsVirtual AssistantsUS (51%)N/A★★
BelayVirtual AssistantsUS (50%)1,099★★★
ZirtualVirtual AssistantsUS (41%)N/A
HelloRacheVirtual AssistantsPhilippines (80%)N/A
VA NetworkingVirtual AssistantsUS (26%)N/A★★
Tutor.comTutorsUS (70%)N/A★★★
TutorEyeTutorsUS (65%)N/A
UdemyTutorsUS (16%)N/A★★★
SkooliTutorsUS (38%)N/A★★
UnbabelTranslatorsSuriname (14%)N/A
Translators CafeTranslatorsRussia (20%)200★★
TRADUguideTranslatorsCanada (41%)56★★
ProZTranslatorsUS (10%)902★★★
TranslatorsBaseTranslatorsThailand (19%)131★★
GengoTranslatorsUS (13%)N/A★★
TestlioTestersVietnam (18%)N/A★★
UserFeelTestersUS (33%)N/A★★
UserTestingTestersUS (45%)N/A★★★
TaskRabbitLocal JobsUS (84%)N/A★★
UberLocal JobsUS (38%)N/A
GigwalkLocal JobsUS (37%)N/A★★
ThumbtackLocal JobsUS (95%)N/A★★

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